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Mr. Hakkarainen goes to Helsinki

Tags: Politics — Author: @ 8:57 pm

Check out this idiot from Perussuomalaiset, Finland’s racist party…

  • ***infinndel the jenkki dogg***

    ***SATANA PERRRRKELA*** True Finns Rule! Great job Teuvo! :-)

  • ***infinndel the jenkki dogg***

    I want to community organize my Finnish friends and relatives here in
    freaking Massachusetts to form a branch of True Finns party….
    Then we will join the Massachusetts Tea Party Patriots for an
    anti-Barack Hussein Obama rally on the Boston Commons! :-)

  • Teuvo

    Racist party? Sounds like a fun party to me. Lets all party!

  • http://www.bluewhitereflections.net/ jordekorre

    Look, his company even received almost half a million Euros from the EU:

  • MtB

    My dear Phil;

    I expected to see some better insights from you, but I guess I’ve made a mistake. I guess your stand up jokes should be hint about it…

    Perussuomalaiset; in Finnish, (btw I am neither Fin nor supporter) means more like Fundamental or Basic Fins. They are not even remotely a racist party but more like a conservative populist center party.

    so I strongly recommend you to read what does “Conservative” “Center” and “Populist” means in political jargon, and try to understand, what does perussuomalaiset want to “conserve”

    whats happening now, is something didnt happened in something like last 60 years, and upcoming days will be very interesting.

    but please, do not say something just for sake of saying… and especially, u may consider being careful with some sensitive terms, like racist or finlands racist party. and c’mon, calling someone idiot? I dont know that person, so I cant comment about his mental status, but, really? I thought you were smarter than this, but obviously i was mistaken. where is the humor? where is the creativity? where is the irony? calling him a straight idiot? well, I can do that, anyone can do that. where is your touch? acting with pure hate, anger, disappointment and frustration in a very impulsive manner… yeah, sorry, can you remind me what is your difference than the racists? perhaps hair and cloth style… and perhaps, the obvious similarity in sense of “humor”

    repeating; I am not a Fin or supporter. but i am just a bored guy with the ignorance and illiteracy of the people about the stuff they are talking about.

    but ah, I am sorry, u were from the states right?
    Land of the free (unless you are using some casio watch or air travelling) and home of the ignorant… oh sorry, brave i mean… with decent amount of military fire power support…

    my bad…
    you can disregard my comment…
    accept my apologies…

  • MtB

    yeah, after almost like a bottle of whiskey, i’ve made some obvious and ridiculous grammatical errors, but i think you’ll get the point…

  • Anonymous

    @MtB: Did you watch the same video as we did? Making impressions of “niggers” as he described them, in the parliament, is not how I consider an MP of “not even remotely a racist party” acting.

  • MtB

    @Anonymous; not i’ve didnt watch the video, and I am not planning to watch the video, because, individual stupidities of the political leaders are not amusing me. hence, I am not the person to watch the video anyways. finnish people is the ones need to watch.

    and i do not think that I’ve defended the video. it is more like a ideological and philosophical standing point. but I’ve guess you’ve missed that part.

    my whole point is, while accusing someone with something, I dont believe the benefit of using similar discourse. instead of calling “idiot” one can prefer to use more effective approaches. like satire. but the problem with that, it requires some intelligence and creativity. actually, “racists” and “right wing” parties, they managed to educate themselves pretty well on such discourse, while left become more and more boring and ordinary.

    so right parties manage to radicalize and make the left stupid :)

    about the “not even remotely racist party”: political parties are not homogenic entities. you can find different kinds of people on such organizations. I will take my word back, if no one from his party condemns his action or he apologizes.

    so where is the public outburst? where are the black people walking on the streets and protesting? rise the awareness, let people know, dont waste ur time with theoretical and philosophical discussions :)

    until, his comment/statement is backed up by his party officially, this is counts as an individual act. didnt leftwing or liberal parties members made such “individual” acts? this is hypocrisy

    I really do not understand why and how come finnish people got so shocked with the result? they had more votes than some other parties/candidates. why not to accept it? in very simple words, they’ve managed to convince more people to go and vote. it is not their success, it is the failure of the other parties.

    if, you want to see some real racist or nationalist parties, a) you can read some history, especially 19th and 20th century european political history and b) you can take a look to french, belgium, austurian, swedish “nationalist” parties. I am pretty sure you’ll notice the differences

    at the end of the day, finland based on the consensus culture. like all the aspects of the life, politics in finland is also based on consensus culture. so no matter who is leading the government, mark my words; nothing dramatical will happen, no matter what they said on their election campaigns.

    my stand; as an individual, is based on ethics and equality. I am not going to start talking trash just because of some opinion or act of an individual. i am not gonna start yelling and crying and talking trash because something i do not agree or accept is happening…

    it seems, this would be the real test for finland that how much finnish people are actually “democratic” or “tolerant”

  • MtB

    again, obvious gramatical errors… relation of the alcohol toxicity and gramatical errors…. interesting…

  • Liber Al

    Making impressions of “niggers” as he described them …

    No he did not.

    The translation in the subtitles is incorrect. He used the word neekeri which translates to “negro”. (As opposed to nekru, which would have translated to “nigger”.)

    The word he used is the one any Finn born in the 1960s would have learnt in the school and found in encyclopedias.

    I find Phil’s comments on Mr. Hakkarainen and his party highly insulting.

  • MtB

    challenge the ideology or opinion, not the individuals.
    head on personal attack wont bring any good. obviously, whatever the reason is, this person have an opinion about the black people. and he dislikes them. or lets exaggerate, hates them. you might agree or disagree with him, thats not the case, but we need to preserve a level of civilised manner. so what will be your difference when u start hating this person? i hate him because he hates black people? two mistakes doesn’t makes one correct. protest him. send petitions to the president, parliament, even sue him. but keep it civilised.

    center and right wing parties are practically founders of this individual based clash politics. you cant compete with them on that ground. so dont go there. at least try to compete on natural grounds. otherwise, they’ll manage to win and show you as the marginal minority or vigilantes willing to disturb the harmony and consensus of the finland.

    this political situation might be new for finland, but this happened in many countries (again, 19th & 20th century european politics) use the learnings. no need to re-invent the wheel. its waste of time, and since everybody is always too busy in finland, it wont happen anyways ;)

  • schmitzli

    Phil,still employed? go back to office

  • x

    watch the video cmon!
    it’s known that the word he uses is derogatory and quite racist, it’s known, and if you watch the video you’ll hear it.
    who knows how enthusiasts you are of him and his colleagues, like alla-aho who doesn’t consider human beings as equals, but depending on obedience to hyerarchy.
    i criticize muslims for lack of dialogue, freedom, human rights, but i don’t think that they see it that way too, they’re against the ideas or the humans?

  • x

    instead while i spit on many of their ideas i respect the human lives.
    they do the contrary. i wonder what they think of nazism and concentration camps. about their hierarchical society what they think of for example a Van Gogh and instead of the “usefulness” of certain politicians that are useful with people’s money: they lift it away.

  • x

    the guy (hakkarainen) even received 1/2 MILLION € from Europe to support his own firma, and he’s against Europe.
    I don’t understand.
    Where’s the trick? Why such a favour a privilege?
    Maybe I should become anti-europeist so I can receive some funds for my new enterprise!?

  • jaakkeli

    I agree with everything this dude is saying

    And BTW I’m in my 20s and I’ve always used neekeri… the only people who insist it’s “derogatory” are those who want to believe that Finland is full of racists.

  • ***infinndel the jenkki dogg***

    As I have pointed out many times before:

  • ***infinndel the jenkki dogg***

    I admit it…I am also a racist!…But I do not discriminate!
    I hate the whole human race!….***WHY!?***….
    Because the whole human race is ***RACIST***!
    That’s it…I said it!

  • MtB


    “Marking Soini’s first run-in with nakedly xenophobic elements of his party, he told the public broadcaster that Hakkarainen was an unexperienced MP who had not considered his words carefully enough.”

  • Tom

    A silly post by Phil. I would’ve expected something a bit more clever.

    I’ve actually become very pro PS after the election. Thanks to the idiotic bashing they receive and the stupid generalization from media and the “tolerant elite” of Finland. Their tolerance ends where their own opinions end.

    And BTW, until the 90s it was perfectly OK to say neekeri. There were no other words and it wasn’t a negative term. I still struggle to find an acceptable term. But with my family I say neekeri and that’s without any negative meaning to the word. Funny how it’s ok for black people to call each other niggers but white folk aren’t allowed to do so.

    Hakkarainen is an old fashioned man but honest and certainly good willing. His words about minarets and the imitation of call to prayer were idiotic, I don’t deny that. I believe he wasn’t simply aware that everyhting he says will be broadcasted to the world. I trust he learned his lesson. Regarding his financial support from EU and its criticism, I get my pay from the European Commission. Am I therefore forbidden to criticise the EU?

  • Obama bin Laden

    Fuck you, Phil! I hate immigrants like you!

  • perus juntti

    family business seems to be quite bad. Even begging money from EU doesn’t help, so guy decided to go to parliament. The easiest way to get votes was to be a persu since you don’t need think of economics and development.. it’s just enough to say “kick foreigners & portugal – save finland”.

  • perus juntti

    > I hate immigrants like you!

    looks like you are not aware that there are no immigrants in finland. There are family members of finnish citizens, refugees and returnees with finnish roots(also known as russians in finland).

    Immigrants choose attractive countries like Canada, USA and Australia, so-called welcoming countries. Why should a specialist move to Finland when finns are moving outside?

  • x

    I agree with perus juntti.
    By the rest, many like to use racist slurs, but will they accept to be called with racist slurs?

  • winter (Still alive… I think)

    come on EU.. win your war first, everything else is easy

  • John

    Bush = Perus

  • Foreigner

    Finland claims to have a very good educational system(one of the best in the world), yet Finns vote like illiterate people have done the world over. Anyone who can claim that Persu is not a racist, nationalistic, and xenophobic party is obviously living in denial.

    If it has a short,fat “nekkeri” nose
    If it has Chinese slit eyes
    If it has a wide Asian face with high cheekbones
    If it has blond hair
    It is definitely a Finn

    Finns hate “the others” and are very upfront in their verbal racist attacks because of their self hatred. They know deep down that they are not as “snow-white” as the rest of Northern Europe. Deny it as much as you want Finns, but you guys are mixed with Mongoloid blood! I am not saying that this makes you inferior in any way, but it surely puts holes in your whole white supremacy BS.

    Just yesterday, I was getting off the metro and a normal looking Finn(not intoxicated etc) bumped into me. Instead of saying “sorry” or “excuse me” like people do in the civilized world where I am from, this Finn proceeded to call me “vittu nekru!”I had no idea that “nekru” was such a derogatory word; I simply thought he meant “negro”. So I looked this fool straight in the eyes and told this fool “Yes, I am a nekru, so what? ” He sheepishly lowered his eyes and left with his tail between his legs.

    I guess I caught him off guard. These racists in Finland are not used to Blacks standing up to them and beating their asses.Which brings me to my next issue of discontent; I feel that Blacks here are just too passive, and take too much BS from the Finns. I guess it has to do with them being from Africa, where they are not that confrontational. I am a Black from a Western society, and I do not keep quiet and remain passive when I encounter racism on the streets of Finland. I do admit however that after being here for more that 5 years, this is the first time a Finn has used a racial slur to my face.Times are definitely changing in Finland! I have encountered racism in different forms here, but have never before have I been called a “nekru”to my face. Those racists are getting bolder since they now have control of parliament!

  • Alfred Rosenberg

    Fuck off Mr. Foreigner. Niggers like you are a threat to the European way of life!

  • perus juntti

    good news for persu voters “Soini Eases Stand on Supports for Portugal”. http://www.yle.fi/uutiset/news/2011/04/soini_eases_stand_on_supports_for_portugal_2554002.html

    “Soini added that he is not afraid of being called a turncoat as the price of compromise.” :) ))))))))

    Being in government by any means/slogans was the dream of whole his life, so should he care of what his voters will say now?

    I won’t be surprised if tomorrow he will say forget what i said about immigration we really need these guys here.

  • jormanen

    Long time no see. Thos blog has gone down year by year.

    I pity Phil, poor loser. Time to go home?

  • majava

    Yes, let’s all go home and see how you manage finishing Olkiluoto 3, harvesting your berries, picking your tomatoes and building your shopping malls.

    Perussuomalaiset did well in the elections, so now those people think it’s OK to be openly racist. I hate to burst your bubble, but it still not.

  • Jaska

    @ Foreigner

    You’re speaking like a real nazi, Hitler would be proud of you!

    @ majava

    Olkiluoto 3 has been delayed by years, which no doubt is related to the huge numbers of unqualified foreign work force, who can’t even communicate with each other, as they don’t have a common language. Olkiluoto 3 is truly a monument of the epic fail known as multiculturalism!

  • http://www.finlandforthought.net Phil

    C’mon guys, you can’t really defend this guy, can you? I looked up “idiot” in the dictionary and there was his face.

  • majava

    Jaska: who hired the unqualified workers? (<-your words) Who managed those workers? How come that qualified Finnish workers are not working there?

    "Failed multiculturalism", spread the meme, Jaska. And keep hiding the truth…

  • Nina

    Blah blah blah. Racist or not… Finland wants change – that’s what the “lets vote for True Finns” is about. I also want change but I’m not a racist. Things just aren’t good here anymore.

  • majava

    @Nina: tell me please, what needs to be changed and what makes you think that is ever going to happen?

  • MtB

    no, defending this guy, is something i dont care remotely. I guess i cant care less, except ur standups jokes (at least most of the times though) perhaps ;)

    my problem is your attitude; seriously, i am disappointed because of your approach. this is practically almost everybody doing nowadays, straight forward bashing and dashing and gushing. more like that well known (at least in finland and china and india) finnish mobile technology company which became the subsidiary of a big american software company whom very well known for incompetent to develop somewhat working software, but yet, able to spin those and sell in huge numbers and make it successful. boring, and the only reason why you and other people will remember it, because of the 34 comments (minus yours) under this post ;)

  • x

    #26 foreigner spoke well the truth
    #27 nazi spam masked as jew
    #28 truly funny: soiny can now dump his trashy electors.

    #31 there’s a nazi racist.
    to him it’s the foreigners’ fault about olkiluoto delay …
    #32 phil spoke the truth funnily
    #33 majava is right: who hired the foreigners” to olkicrap?

  • Anonymous

    How the fuck do these comments work here?

  • http://conversations.nokia.com Phil at Nokia

    Thought we’d try out Disqus! I use it on some other blogs, it’s fantastic.

  • http://conversations.nokia.com Phil at Nokia

    I just can’t take that guy seriously. Spending 10 minutes for some thoughtful comments would be a waste of my time.

  • http://twitter.com/ex_post_facto Ex Post Facto

    The message has reached us loud and clear, they don’t want us foreigners here anymore. They disregard all the great things we bring to this country and it’s companies.

    These PS politicians get their ideas from Suomen Sisu which is a neo-nazi organisation that is against race mixing with ideologies like “Multiculturalism is as desirable as shit in a fan”.

  • Antti rn

    To be honest, I seriously considered voting the worst horse’s posterior persu, I can find from Oulu, just for revenge of having to put up for years of self-congratulary, condescending flowerhatting, emanating from southern Helsinki. However, I ended up voting pirates as the notion of Suvi Linden in charge of information society terrifies me.

    Suvi was not elected and I got my entertainment in the first matter also.

    I heard there are no bad products, just bad salesmen. It’s not Hakkarainen’s fault that red-green’s were not able to sell their snake oil to the guys at the local ABC or Essonbaari.

  • Anonymous

    Works for me.

  • Anonymous

    I will ask you the same I asked Nina, Do you really think that anything will change? If I’m correct, you dislike that power is concentrated in Helsinki and divided among the former big three party members, yes?

    Imho that is just an outcome of how Finnish society is working. It’s all about who you know, the well known ‘hyvä veli verkosto’. This is not limited to Helsinki. It’s down to the level of the countryside, and who gets to paint the school fence of nowheremäki. Do you really think that is going to change? Ever?

    I read that PS want to tackle the problems of the grey economy. I like that. I’m afraid that the voters think this is going to end that foreigners come here to do all kinds of manual labour ‘that should be done by Finns’, thinking it is illegal. I think they don’t realize that it is the Finnish plumber, who is working the weekends, pocketing under the counter, that will be targeted. That plumber may well be a persu voter…

  • Wank

    OK, yesterday saw no comments whatsoever. Should be easier to get rid of all the spambladedam

  • Antti rn

    Well, judging from noise coming certain corners, it was Reichstag 1933 all over again and nothing will be the same. A bunch of provincial guys with fish finger moustache, scaring the heck out of feminists. Combined booze and abortion cruises to Tallinn, just coming down the road.

    No, there will be no radical changes. Some things will get more entangled than scripted, as this stability pact brouhaha shows. That’s, what I’m expecting. At least some entanglements in things they used to shove down everyone’s throat by snapping their fingers. I’m quite sure PS can be thankful for the “Shithouse law”, 95E10 petrol and PIIGS, all coming around in relatively short period of time.

    There will be colourful discussions in the parliament. More cosmetics has to be applied to run some deals through smoothly. Maybe in 10 years time you can tell the ship took a turn of few arc seconds and you are in slightly different position than you would have been with the old course. Nothing radical.

    Local Ol’ boys (hyvä veli) networks may be temporarily upset, depending on proportions in councils. They may have to absorb a persu or two to get things back on track. Actually there are possibilities even for a positive change in those municipalities, where PS can break the kepu monopoly of decades, but that’s different election.

    I’m quite sure the plumber can continue the business as usual. PS sights will be on white collars.

  • Anonymous

    I think we can agree on most.

    But you said this: “Actually there are possibilities even for a positive change in those municipalities, where PS can break the kepu monopoly of decades, but that’s different election.” I am not sure if that will happen. If I look at the results from the village that I reside in, then PS took votes away from Keskusta. And if we translate that to real people it means that 2 neighbors, that used to be both Kepulaiset, are now 1 PS, 1 Keskusta. I have strong doubts that they will do anything that is against the interest of the other neighbor. The network will remain.

  • Alfred Rosenberg

    I don’t like you at all!

  • Alfred Rosenberg

    Shut up nigga!

  • Jonas G

    For some reason, this reminds me of this Swedish comedy sketch (in Swedish, sorry):
    Obviously this was made in reaction to Sverigedemokraterna’s success there, but it seems somehow even more appropriate as Hakkarainen really is so bumpkin like.

    On a more serious note, his remarks have been reported to the Police by several private persons and Eva Biaudet, the minority ombudsman.

  • Seta-sucks

    Calm down Mr. Jonas Gay.

  • http://profiles.google.com/jezulo Jez .

    Outside of capital areas like Helsinki or Tampere immigration is practically non existent. And these capital areas are actually the ones which are contributing the most to pay Finland’s loss-making villages spread across the country.

  • Fuckswedes

     Things aren’t good because of Swedes

  • SEAL

     Bin Laden!? We’ll find you, kill you, and rape your women

  • True Finn & Proud

    Victory for PS! My first proposal would have been to remove the Swedesh name Sveaborg. The second, remove the Swedes.

  • Finalcut75

    We all should have voted the communist party called kokoomus ? Persut are for EU free trade but without burocracy. Persu are for immigration but without crime, black market labour and welfare abusing muslims… Are you on welfare check nowdays in Finland, Phil ? Because then you should be afraid. hahahaa! This is democracy and Neekeri isn’t a racist word. It most likely means “negro” in english. Dont be Lenin’s useful idiot.

  • Löllerspyllers

    racist party?
    do you even try to make a real point?

  • Spam

    Hey is this blog still discussing about the differences between FI and US like it used to? I was just in the US for a few months and that was my first trip anywhere. I just thought it would be fun to share since I had never been outside Finland. It was a great experience but it also left me kind of confused. I mean now I can understand better why an American would want to live in Finland, but after coming back I also noticed a difference in the way I view Finland and Finns. I guess I can understand how it must seem to an American who’s in Finland for the first time. Did you also think that Finns seem to be a bit full of themselves and kind of annoying? Like you just want to punch them in their mouths. And did it feel like you’re moving into a bush where all you can do is hunt rabbits? I will definitely still want to live here, but I will be on ebookers looking for cheap flights to other European countries every day from now on. I guess it’s a great country if you have only non-finnish friends, or Finns who have lived abroad. I always felt that there was something horribly wrong with the people around me, and now I can see it more clearly. It’s a redneck state, people. A redneck state.

  • Spam

    The only things I really missed was food, sauna, family and friends. Other than that I didn’t miss anything. I was bound to gain weight, because every restaurant there is only serves deep fried pile of something with cheese. I thought the food was really gross and I didn’t like the coffee either. I really missed stuff like rye bread sandwiches filled with salmon, cucumber, tomatoes and lettuce, and the only place where you can get food like that is eww.. IKEA. Also, Finnish grocery stores are pure win compared to American. The fact that anything processed is always considerably cheaper than organic makes absolutely no sense, fyi. I think it’s so easy to live healthy here. Over there it’s expensive and difficult.

  • Spam

    The only things I really missed was food, sauna, family and friends. Other than that I didn’t miss anything. I was bound to gain weight, because every restaurant there is only serves deep fried pile of something with cheese. I thought the food was really gross and I didn’t like the coffee either. I really missed stuff like rye bread sandwiches filled with salmon, cucumber, tomatoes and lettuce, and the only place where you can get food like that is eww.. IKEA. Also, Finnish grocery stores are pure win compared to American. The fact that anything processed is always considerably cheaper than organic makes absolutely no sense, fyi. I think it’s so easy to live healthy here. Over there it’s expensive and difficult.

  • Guest

    “Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.”
    “The Netherlands and Belgium are more crowded than Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.”
    “Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.”
    “What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?”
    “How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?”
    “And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?”
    “But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.”
    “They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.”"Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”

  • monkey-drunky

    Ha Ha Spam,
    we are on the same boat, mine just seems to me bit more optimistic.

    When you are missing, recall something
    -choise of meat in shops, I was in Norway recently, it reminds me Finland (shops only), I was about to cry =)
    - and ….nothing else , ups

    I hate the sun, I hate to see bald mountains, no snow, hate + 8 C at winter, …ooo hate all the neighbours who already know complete history of my family
    But I smile when I see my salary slips, but that is just enought to stay where I am, so I am not complaining

    BTW It was post about Perussuomalaiset,
    so Perus FOREVER =))

  • Birodinamiko
  • Gustav Ekerholm

    What is wrong with hating niggers? Sweden has enough of them and I don’t want my other homeland Finland be swallowed by their filth too.

    Refugees are a different thing, and they should be chosen by us.

  • http://twitter.com/winterwhile winter

    I am not dead… yet

    are you guys going to keep this blog alive.. so I can complain about how bad the EU is??? Losing another war… for example.

  • Guest

    I’ve witnessed discrimination too many times in Finland, more than I can count.  Most heavily discriminated against are Russians, Africans, Muslims, and anyone that just doesn’t fit in.  While there are many good Finns, there are also quite a lot that fit into this category.  Most would never admit it publicly, but it can be seen in people’s words and actions.

    What many Finns don’t understand yet is that all people have the same need and desire for dignity.  Foreigners also bring diversification and strength to an economy. Finns can learn from foreign work ethic.  While a Finn is having a coffee break, the foreigner has already finished the job.  But the Finn probably complained about the foreigner while he was having coffee.  It’s no wonder jobs are leaving Finland, so maybe you should try to learn something valuable from your new neighbors, or there will be no economy left in Finland.

    But this is not about work ethic or however else we can criticize each other, this is about how our mothers (at least my own) raised us to treat another person as you would like to be treated yourself.  All people deserve the basic right of dignity and respect.  If you take that away from someone, you’ve just taken away your own.

  • 695858535

    If it has a short,fat “nekkeri” nose

  • lnfidel

    My first impression of you is that you’re either an idiot or someone with a blatant agenda to bad-mouth Finland, but after reading a few more of your articles, I actually think you might in fact be both. My hunch is that you purposely wrote this piece in order to once again discredit Finland as some backward country in Europe – or actually not even Europe according to some of your other writings. My question to you is; if you really despise this country and its people that much, then why don’t you just move the hell out back to where you came from? The height of stupidity and impotence, has to be, staying in a place that brings so much discomfort to one’s quality of life that one has to constantly moan about it publically, yet being too feeble and inept to act decisevely to resolve the situation. 

  • lnfidel

    The above goes to you as well! You are a pathetic human being. You hold contemptuous views about Finland and its people, yet out of your own freedom of choice, still choose to stay in that country. Bugger off back to where you came from. The Finns will do just fine without a ragtag bunch of spineless fith columnists in their midst, trying to dirty their country’s reputation. Good riddance – and don’t come back!

  • lnfidel

    My hunch is that you purposely wrote this piece in order to once again discredit Finland as some backward country in Europe – or actually not even Europe, according to some of your other writings. My question to you is; if you really despise this country and its people that much, then why don’t you just move the hell out, back to where you came from? The height of stupidity and impotence, has to be, staying in a place that brings so much discomfort to one’s quality of life that one has to constantly moan about it publically, yet being too feeble and inept to act decisively to resolve the situation.

  • Aleksi

    Hah hah.. hows being racist here? Finland is one of the very few socities where minorities are actually favoured. Its no suprise that it may couse anger amongst natives.
     Our immigrants where not brought to here by slaveships dear Mr.Idiot, they pledged for help and help was granted. Now show some gratitude towards the country and its ways in return!

    So we have ancient asian blood? Oh really, no shit! Its not like they dont teach that to us in school. Who wouldnt love  that fact? Asian are cool and it makes us slightly diffrent from our nordic brothers, and euro-asians are like the most beautifull people on earth eniweis.. How nice to have share of that!

    Now please; Leave my country immediately and take your afrocentrism with you. This is not a fit place for that.

    - Greeting from a finnish guy.

  • Anonymous

    I looked up “dead kike” in the dictionary and you were there.

  • chOof

    Making fun of muezzin calls for prayer was the worst racist joke I heard in a long time.

  • BlancSnow

    If Sarah Palin was a Finnish Viking…

  • Jk Teams

    I am starting to get a hang of the idea why people voted for this guy :) Just love it!

  • Jk Teams

    I am starting to get a hang of the idea why people voted for this guy :) Just love it!

  • Guest

    Poor Phil. Good for you that you made it to SiliconValley.

  • William Pelttari

    If I ever meet the creator of this “blog” I’d punch him directly in the face.

    Do you seriously think you fight racism this way? – Stupidity!


  • Jack

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful video..


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