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CNN’s Richard Quest reports on Helsinki’s snow battle

Tags: Helsinki,Life in FI,Video — Author: @ 11:25 am

  • Anonymous

    “This video contains content from CNN (Europe), who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.”

    Might want to find a better video source, if that’s not available even in Finland.

  • http://www.finlandforthought.net Phil

    Weird, I’m in Finland, working fine for me.

  • Anonymous

    Same here, it works from Finland.

  • http://www.comedyfinland.com Louis

    I love richard quest

  • Anonymous

    How is dat der… ah..ah…***MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING*** woikin
    owt fo’ ya Phil!? WTF is dat ***freakin fraud Al Gore***
    doin ta help out HELL-stinki!? Al Gore is an ignorant
    ***NINCOMPOOP*** :(

  • ***infinndel the jenkki dogg***

    Here in ***TAX-A-FREAKIN-CHEWSETTS*** in ***GOD DAMN AmeriKKKa***
    we have been having the worst severe snow and cold in decades.In fact it might be even worse winter here then freakin ***HELL-STINKI*** ;)

  • Kai
  • mxm

    It’s easier for Finland to keep an airport open during a snowy winter, than for an American to pronounce ‘Helsinki’ or ‘Vantaa’ decently :-P

  • ***infinndel the jenkki dogg***

    @7…THANX for the great video link! ;)

  • winter (Still alive… I think)

    cool video

    must come in the winter, bring evil to you again

  • x

    the war was lost, the snow won, all the money ended last autumn, it served to pay the endless vacations to the politicians, those polluters.

  • x

    cmon let’s post some hotter topic, something about mentalities and everyday…the weather sucks so.

  • Anonymous

    There’s nobody home, X. Phil has eloped with Steve Ballmer, or Tapsa Pallomeri as he is now affectionately called. :)

  • x

    oh, put some more finnish videos
    i’ll help somewhere with the translations

    put that ridiculous mr.mallorca
    bad food and some sh. “humour”
    how can they like that weird beard?


  • Foreigner

    Has anyone heard of this?

    More than 600 Finns, with just basic knowledge of French, hired to work in DisneyParis as receptionists, cleaners,ticket vendors, shop assistants etc.

    Well, well, how come the French hire Finns with just basic French to do these jobs, but the Finns do not hire foreigners with basic Finnish skills to do these same jobs?

    See, the French, and the rest of the world DO NOT DISCRIMINATE AS MUCH AS THE FINNS!

  • rumpelstilzchen

    muumintrolls taking over disney world..if the world offers something as valuable as tove j. than suomi might consider..

  • x

    ever talked about uuno turhapuro?

  • winter (Still alive… I think)

    you miss the evil USA?

    Ha Ha Ha… Libya is all yours, now deal with them.

    Or do I see your French White Flag of surrender?

  • TPM

    Richard Quest is a gay Jew… not that there’s anything wrong with that!

    Great name for a gay guy, btw.

  • Freeridin’ Franklin

    @winnie#18: So we get to keep all the oil? Is that a promise?

    By the way, protons are so 2007. Go neutrons!


  • winter


    Protons are heavy, thus has mass, they can cook you more….

    I did 3 months inside the microwave oven, and was cooked most efficiently.

    At the time I did that, the evil USA had 3 proton centers, now we are aproaching 8.

  • Anonymous

    A bit surprising, really. First really interesting election for twenty years approaching, Nokia in freefall, Joe Bidet in town, North Africa in flames, and no blog update with a riveting clip of Conan O’Boring playing lifesize Angry Birds with the pigs hiding in Ikea furniture.
    If I didn’t know better, I’d say this blog is losing its edge.

    Thank heavens Winter is still around to amuse us.

  • ***infinndel the jenkki dogg***

    #22…I miss the good ole days when Punter and I would battle it out in endless flame war.I also enjoyed throwing politically incorrect statements,that would upset many people on this blog…it was like
    comedy political mash up and I enjoyed the sport of agitating
    other posters here at F.F.T.
    well maybe I can stimulate some comments here….how about!?


  • winter.. not dead yet


    stop it

    FINLAND is a regestered “French White Flag of Surrender” country

    you can’t be RACIST if all you have is a white flag…. you need white hoods and white robes for that….. geeeeeeeeee

  • Nate

    Wrong, Finland has only surrendered when it was under Swedish rule. They abandoned Tavastehus when they saw the Russians coming, built and gave up Sveaborg also to the Russians, they actually lost even Stockholm to a small Russian contingent. It is Sweden the one with the Flag of Surrender.

    And now a question: Is it the “Castle of Finland” or the “Castle of Sweden”? I think the name Sveaborg should be removed. Or maybe anyone can lay claim to it, I’ll call it CastleNate.

  • winter (Still alive… I think)

    True, if you don’t look at History in the last 20 years. You had the opportunity to go into DARFOR and save a Million from the axe. You did not.

    Shall I name more, of your White Flag of surrender opportunities?

  • Nate

    No, Finland is no longer racist, they changed the name of their KKK Market to just K Market… And no, they have neither hoods nor Apu…

    Some photos of the KKK Market

    a list of Finnish markets

  • x

    Listen, she the only motivation, and a good one, for me to be around this town, I don’t have a crumble of other motivation to stay, I need a good job abroad for maintaining us.

  • winter (Still alive… I think)

    the USA has a Hypocrite in Chief … do yuo want his job? Please take him first.

  • Anonymous

    Breaking News: Sarkozy responds to “white-flag waiving” (sic) Winter with a loud Gallic “Tally-ho” and a raised finger as he sends in the Mirages.

  • winter.. not dead yet

    So where are the Finnish F-18s?

  • x

    cmon and tell us about munamies phenomenon
    the new “rockstar” for the locals


  • winter (Still alive… I think)

    Europe can’t even take Lybia down. You guys are pathetic.

  • x

    I guess that Phil went back to the States?

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