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The A-Team of Finland

Tags: Video — Author: @ 11:44 pm

From Sunday night’s Simpsons. Watch this before YouTube take it down…

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  • ***infinndel the jenkki dogg***

    In Finland, ATF is the extremely popular emergency on call purveyor of
    ***ALKOHOL TOBACCO AND FIREARMS***,delivered right to
    your front door! ;)

  • Why does the other one talk like a swede if he’s supposed to be Finnish?

  • swed

    because of a pun?

  • Nate

    Becus B.A. Bäckström is Sveediss speakin

  • ***infinndel the jenkki dogg***

    Here in my home state of ***TAX-A-FREAKIN’-CHUSETTS***,live the worst
    drivers in ***GOD-DAMN-AMERIKKKA***!
    All the other states have their own reputations for crazzziness,stupidity,and sociopathic nutcases…

  • anon

    “Why does the other one talk like a swede if he’s supposed to be Finnish?”

    What do you mean “the other one”?

  • http://knizzlefoshizzle.blogspot.com Larjmarj

    Bork bork bork!!

  • jr

    It’s RKP using it’s power even in Hollywood ;)

  • Matti

    Once again finns sound like germans trying to speak like swedes. At least they didn’t mention lutefisk or fjords.

  • jr

    It’s because Coco is not on Simpsons writing team anymore. He knows better.

  • ok

    The voice actors in simpsons do not seem to pay too much attention to accents of european characters. Not-too-long ago simpsons featured french sounding dutch people, not to mention italians who sound like mexicans.

  • http://www.healthchoices.ca Erin

    I agree with the accent thing on The Simpsons…they’re often really terrible! I find that Family Guy is way better for bang-on accents.

  • http://www.papercupmachines.in/ Paper cup machines

    Very good accent..

  • http://www.healthinformationtips.net/ mental health

    The voice actors in Simpsons do not seem to pay too much attention to accents of European characters. Thanks for sharing!

  • Roche
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