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Finnish or retarded?

Tags: FI vs. Foreigners,Video — Author: @ 8:48 pm

From last night’s season 3 premiere of Tosh.0 – Is this guy retarded? Or just speaking Finnish?

  • ***infinndel the jenkki dogg***

    ***O.M.G.!***…what is wrong with Tosh.O……
    What language is ***Hawkins’*** speaking…. he makes more sense then
    **TOSH.O*** stupidity,that demeans the truly mentally challenged!

  • ***infinndel the jenkki dogg***

    ***Hawkins’***…screams!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orNpH6iyokI

  • x

    video no longer available.
    here’s some weird alternative:

  • Pekka

    Not available anymore :(

  • http://bhroclais.blogg.no marco

    I remember that first time I heard a man talking in Finnish I was a bit shocked :-D

  • Ame

    Yeah it´s either one or the other – we don´t have retards in Finland..

  • mike

    you sound like a such a creep. Who really cares if you think someone is “retarded.” go find someone else to pick on. Someone who can defend themselves. the last time I checked retarded doesn’t mean stupid.

  • http://www.howtoimpressaboy.net Danielle

    the video is not working. can you post it again?

  • Anonymous

    finnish people generally are infact retards and also a large percentage are subnormal,the remainder are a species known as slummilainen fennica.traits of your typical finn is extreme childish narcissict behaviour,ugly looks,most look as though they suffer from a cruel form of downs syndrome.as a professor from a leading western university i have been fortunate to be able to study a very large cross section of finnish society,100,000 people in total,all finns,and these were the findings.

  • Anonymous

    finnish women from karhula,kotka,ahvio,tampere,pirkkala,ikaalinen,and jamijarvi tend to do much petty crime.take 98 year old psychopath lea vellamo vartiala,daughter of hilda ek and herra varpunen,d.o.b.6-8-1912,ahvio,she,steals babies(during winter war),even aquired a sub normal partner,who she forced to act as husband,vaino vartiala,because of lack of qualifications and severe sociopathy,petty theft was ek and vartialas only money raising option left,with prostitution and any other opotunist crime available.lea vartiala now resides at hameenpuisto 39.a.16,tampere,33200,20.she is very proud of her long criminal life

  • Anonymous

    antti ylonen is one of a typical breed of fennica retardicus’he has very odd habits ,for example,he collects as many socks as possible ,wears them for 16 weeks compresses those dirty socks,and gets finnish deicasy sukka mehu ,sock juice,all finns drink this stuff cos it gives sisu,antti ylonens,wife leena ylonen’ previously leena kaarina kamrat from ikaalinen,has another finnish fashion drink patented called alko vittu mehu,leena s son samuli fingers his mother to get vittu mehu,samuli ylonen,17,then shoots his own product into a bottle finns love drinking these mehu s,they are sold,from their flat in kipparinkuja,espoo,finland,leena ylonens sister liisa kamrat sells it from osasto 3b tampereen keskus sairaala,the nurses and doctors there love the taste

  • Anonymous

    leena ylosen vittu mehu,on kylla ihana,samulin mehu on liian heikko mutta antti ylosen sukka mehu on suomen paras

  • Anna

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  • William Pelttari

    To hell with all your generalizing and utterly dogmatic statements. I can truly say that I feel open hatred towards all of you damn computer-warriors, sitting behind your screen trying to argue and state your racist “facts”.
    This site, disgusts me. – We’re at the 21th century, what the fuck people?!

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