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Westend – Bitchin’House [VIDEO]

Tags: FI vs. Foreigners,Ridiculous,Video — Author: @ 6:44 pm

You’ve all seen the viral video of the Rastafarian who shows off a house in Westend, Finland’s poshest neighborhood? Well the real estate agent, Lea Jakama, got a few of the translations wrong, so I fixed them… :-)

  • Anonymous

    you are a racist prick, you belong in sweden

  • Anyone’s Better than this blog

    No, but he’s been taught by Finns who hate Finnish-Swedes to hate Finnish-Swedes, so Sweden wouldn’t have him either.

    Go back to America if you hate it here so much. You’ve been hinting that you’re a racist for a while. Now you just outed yourself. Congratulations. You can leave now.

    Also, for your comedy: You’re doing it wrong. It’s supposed to be funny.

  • http://www.finlandforthought.net Phil

    Wow, you guys are angry! If you guys ever left Finland, you’d know that I’m making fun of the Rastafarian culture, which has nothing to do with race, but a lot to do with puffing herb.

    So get a clue, and lighten up!

  • Anonymous

    It’s not racist. It’s just not.very.funny. Shame, really, as the original was so crass that it deserved a decent parody.

  • http://www.finlandforthought.net Phil

    Tough crowd!

  • John

    You guys dont think that’s funny?

    Geez, Finns really are boring people. No Rastas in Scandinavia?

  • http://www.finlandforthought.net Phil

    There’s one. (see video above)

  • hfb

    Is that seriously the ‘poshest’? I thought Kaunianen was the best of the depressing suburban landscape.

    It was funny…if only because the Finns didn’t get the joke. :)

  • Anonymous

    Kauniainen is certainly upmarket, but its fame rests as much on having the lowest municipal tax rate (and a sizeable Swedish-speaker population) as on real pound-for-pound wealth and cost per square metre. Westend is pretty near the top end, although my guess is that Kaskisaari trumps it (even if Kimi is having some trouble shifting his own des.res. there).

    And what makes you think it was FINNS who thought it was less than funny? Do that many of them really bother to look in here?

  • x

    Oh, it can look cute to someone, but no, to me that’s not funny, that’s boring, I rather prefer Jamaican rasta humour.

  • g

    The original video WAS a parody on rasta culture. Your subtitles weren’t anything but racist, not ironic, not funny, just a bigot from America commenting on stereotypes. Move back to Montana, or wherever they breed you idiots.

  • Anonymous

    G – sending him back, that’s cruel hard, even for a flunked comic. Have you SEEN the state of Baltimore lately? The name means “City of the Big House” in Gaelic, since that’s where most of the population is incarcerated. Apart from Johns Hopkins and the Preakness once a year at Pimlico, the place is hardly inviting. Mind you, the new Mayor has a better set of funbags than Espoo’s Marketta Kokkonen.

  • http://www.finlandforthought.net Phil

    Anonymous insults! You guys are real men! Has the darkness got you depressed already? You should goto a comedy show.

  • g

    brooklyn or baltimore is safer than espoo, in america we don’t kill our own, we kill immigrants ,….. wait…… that’s espoo

  • Freeridin’ Franklin

    Phil can’t go back. They blew up his old home.


    Sadly, with Mokia salaries, council housing in the beautiful city of Espoo continues to be just about the only option. Unless the Mrs. actually gets paid for whatever she does.

    Besides, if you knew anything about Rastafarianism, you’d know that it has quite a lot to do with race.

  • hfb

    Anon – I’d still go for Kauniainen or Eira as at least those homes don’t look like they’ve been furnished from Ikea like that house in the West End does. If you’re so mortgaged to the eyeballs that all you can furnish it with is Ikea…you still have a ways to go on the wealth and prestige ladder. I still don’t know how so many folks afford the homes in the west end and parts of espoo.

    And, yes, they were most likely Finns since the only folks who have never actually spent time around real live black people/rastas wouldn’t get the joke. It’s like trying to explain why the scene with the jive talkers in Airplane! (the first one) was hilarious.

  • http://omgitsbecky.blogspot.com/ OMGit’sBecky

    I loved the part about his family not making it into the country! Also, masturbating to Super Mario … classic.

  • ***infinndel the jenkki dogg***

    Dis place be gitten to0 ***SPACEY*** deez daze….

  • Winter (Still not dead)

    ” Christmas in northern Finland ”

    it this a real Finnish movie??????


    They say:

    It’s the eve of Christmas in northern Finland and an “archeological” dig has just unearthed the real Santa Claus. But this particular Santa isn’t the one you want coming to town. When all the local children begin mysteriously disappearing, young Pietari and his father Rauno, a reindeer hunter by trade, capture the mythological being and attempt to sell Santa to the misguided leader of the multinational corporation sponsoring the dig. Santa’s elves, however, will stop at nothin …

  • Freeridin’ Franklin

    #20: We’ll know by 3 December. Anyway, the story is based on these:



  • ***infinndel the jenkki dogg***

    Here’s one for the Finn ***ASSHOLES***

  • ***infinndel the jenkki dogg***
  • Freeridin’ Franklin

    #21: It is interesting that the Kola peninsula is the only part of Russia in the “assholes” category apart from “The Wastelands”. Must be the nuclear fallout and high nickel content of the soil or something.

  • Freeridin’ Franklin

    I must say I have to love Somalia as the libertarians’ wet dream. At least taxes are low. This does beg the question why so many people want to migrate from there to our socialist hell.

  • ***infinndel the jenkki dogg***
  • winter (Still alive… I think)

    20.#20: We’ll know by 3 December. Anyway, the story is based on these:



    Father Christmas comes from Finland?

    or just a new Finnish export?

  • Anonymous

    #21: It’s also interesting that the tsunami appears to have been relocated from Sumatra to Papua New Guinea and Melanesia, which is more of a “Here Be Cannibals” sort of place.

  • ***infinndel the jenkki dogg***

    Suomi is full of ***plastic toy people***!

  • Antti rn

    The guy behind Rare Exports Inc. was in HS the other day. In early 2000′s he had an idea, called Kekkonen 2.0, where the late president resurrects and puts the place back in order. Unfortunately, the idea was scrapped. After seeing what this guy + crew did to Santa, I seriously hope they would reconsider.

  • Antoine Dodson

    Hehe, I think this was funny :D

  • Tomte

    How is this racist again? Oh right because the white guy is making fun of the black guy instead of it being the other way round! Don’t worry pinko fascists, just pretend the colour theme is the other way round and I am sure you will stop getting so offended by the “racism”.

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