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How-to throw a Finnish party

Tags: How-to,Life in FI,Ridiculous — Author: @ 6:50 pm

Yo, I think a party’s about to break out… (is marijuana legal in Finland now, and I didn’t know??)

Photo from my local KK-Market

  • winter

    6 days until we end Obama Socialism

    yes, thats party time with as many sailors as I can find

  • ***infinndel the jenkki dogg***

    *** COCA leaves from the Andes*** or….
    ***KHAT leaves from Somalia*** or…..
    Maybe a mixture of both..
    I do not see any ***WEED*** in the mix
    Chew it up Phil,and get a good ***BUZZZ on***!!

  • ***infinndel the jenkki dogg***

    Question #1…Why would ***KHAT leaves*** be present in Suomi!?

  • John

    Spring Mix

  • Antti rn

    Instant saunavasta?

  • Freeridin’ Franklin

    #4: In Finland there are few alternatives.

    (Phil left out the price, probably about 8.99€)

  • ***infinndel the jenkki dogg***

    After Phil,done chewed up dee mix obb ***COCA and KHAT***…
    he quickly went into ***MENTAL DELIRIUM***

  • Kakuzu

    That´s a Salad. And tasty one. :)

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