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Kimmo Wilska does stand-up comedy!

Tags: Bad Boys, Bad Boys,FI vs. Foreigners,Finns,Video — Author: @ 11:07 am

So just 24 hours after Kimmo was fired from YLE after many long years of service, he takes the stage at the English Comedy Club at Manala in Helsinki to tell his side of the story, answer some questions from the audience, and do a little stand-up comedy!!

And of course I recorded it and put it on YouTube… :-)

  • Anonymous

    What’s wrong with you guys? Phil fired from Nokia, went to Manala for stand up comedy. Now Kimmo when got fired from Yle went also to Manala! Can somebody explain this “stand up comedy” effect?…Jesus…

  • Anonymous

    #1. Baxter is on the way too to join you in Manala!

  • http://www.finlandforthought.net Phil

    LOL I haven’t been fired from Nokia.

  • Fisk

    Puts the “comedy” on the tram to shame by a long mark.

    Mind you, whoever is using the camera should stop drinking AND not stand near some irritating asshat with a godawful laugh that cuts right into the camera.

  • JoenuunJenkki

    Difference between Kimmo and Phil.

    Kimmo looks, sounds and is funny. Phil’s just bald.

    Kimmo sounds like an American. Phil sounds like a Baltimoron.

    Kimmo speaks Finnish. Phil doesn’t.

  • http://www.finlandforthought.net Phil

    @Fisk – that was me. ;-) Was too close to the camera.

  • http://www.finlandforthought.net Phil

    Wow, we’re all in a pleasant mood this weekend, aren’t we!

  • Freeridin’ Franklin

    #3: Not in the sense that you had stopped collecting your paycheck, but stopped working nonetheless like everyone else during Zero-Pee-Kay’s tenure. The inertia of 123,000 people can be impressive. Well, I certainly hope that Elop can jump start some life back into the organisation. Clear!

  • Anonymous

    #9. “I certainly hope that Elop can jump start some life back into the organisation”,

    I think it’s too late, much corruption inside the organization itself. Ex-Bochum workers are happy now and enjoy watching the collapse :) .

  • Anonymous

    #6 – sounded like someone strangling a sea gull… :-)

  • hfb

    Phil, Kimmo doesn’t sound a thing like Barry White! Barry was from Texas, not to mention a /deep/ voice (if you’ve ever seen him perform live, you’d probably agree). However, Kimmo’s English is impeccable and, if I had to guess, I’d say chances are good that he has an English-speaking (American) parent and has lived in the US at some point during his formative years. If I had to guess where in the US he lived…hard to say as the sample isn’t enough to really catch the flags, but the lack of certain pronounced geographic accents would make me consider the mid-west/south first or possibly California.

    You, Phil, still sound like Truman Capote though :)

    And YLE, what a bunch of asshats. That prank was supposed to get cut and…well, it’s not like drunks in Finland are a big secret. I can’t remember anyone I’ve met who has actually visited Finland and who doesn’t mention the drunks in the first or second sentence after I ask what their impression of it was. If you can’t fix it, you might as well have a sense of humour about it.

  • Anonymous

    #13. Yeah, “Suck for a buck!” will be the next topic on this blog!!

  • Anonymous

    Not bad, but the dude shouldn’t quit his regular job just yet.

  • rezlimey (was Jason)

    I would have loved to see Kimmo Wilska do a story on the whole WikiLeaks controversy.

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