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Shame on YLE! Support Kimmo Wilska!!

Tags: Finns — Author: @ 10:43 pm

If you’re a foreigner in Finland, you’ve seen or heard Kimmo Wilska. Known as the “Barry White of Finland” thanks to his deep, sensual voice, has been the voice of YLE’s English radio and TV broadcasts. And loyal readers of this blog know Kimmo well as he’s been an active commenter since Finland for Thought’s early days.

On this morning’s broadcast, during a segment on Finnish alcohol licenses, the always jolly Kimmo Wilska apparently played a little joke for his colleagues, which accidentally got caught on air (see video below). The state-run YLE promptly fired Wilska for this funny mishap.

Like you need yet another reason to not pay your TV license, here’s another. Shame on YLE after the years of service he’s given. If you feel the same way, be sure to join the Kimmo Wilska Support Group on Facebook. 23,000 fans and growing! With skills and a voice like Wilska, let’s hope there’s a silver lining here and he lands his own talk show!

UPDATE: YLE has forcibly removed the YouTube video claiming copyright law, even though there are GAZILLIONS of other YLE videos on YouTube. They seemed to be particular angry about this one, but here’s another version…

  • Sakari

    And they wonder why some people dont pay tv-license…

  • Pat McGrath

    They fired him for that? That’s unbelievable.

  • Hank W.

    Now its only Wanke in the mornings.

  • Anonymous

    They kept that clown Jungner around for 5 years, but this guy gets fired for something like this? Great work.

  • http://denarend.com/ Lucien den Arend

    This is outrageous. I watch the English news every morning and saw his little joke. I’ve lived here in Finland for more than seven years, and do not plan to ever leave; but YLE firing a great TV personality for English speaking foreigners proves something.

  • Fisk

    Welll… the guy should have remembered he was not on a comedy show but on a news programme. Big difference. OK maybe suspension was in order but maybe there was more to this and it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Maybe his other campaigning has things to do with it.

  • http://Www.finlandforthought.net Phil

    Wasnt there an incidentna couple years back when a YLE morning host said “niggers look like monkies”, yet she wasnt fired? Or was she a reoccuring guest, or something?

  • Foobar

    About Santavuori. In short, she said that Obama’s grandmother was ugly and talked about “negroid traits” like nose. She was removed from the program shortly after (she was a recurring guest). Here is the clip:


    An interesting connection between Wilska and Santavuori is that Wilska has been active in the Finnish “legalize cannabis” movement and Santavuori has been prominent in the “no way” camp.

  • ampui itseään jalkaan

    Considering the guy was a freelancer, and hence the company could quite easily have decided his “deep, sensual voice” was no longer necessary and not picked up the phone to request his services, it’s a very silly action by YLE, especially as it brings out all the nutjobs with an ax to grind (see original post and the tired old crap about licenses).

  • Mazed

    Whaaat? Fired for that????? Humorless ppl!

  • http://www.wordmagazine.co.uk Word Magazine

    Here in the UK we are enormous fans of Kimmo’s work, and demand that he be reinstated forthwith.

  • The Nal

    I agree with the mighty Word magazine above. We here in Ireland demand his immediate reinstatement and also demand to see the network’s chief of staff murdered live on TV by a drunken child.

  • Ralph Torres

    Come on “yle”, the bottle of beer looked empty and he didn’t drink from it. Not only that it was a joke, something to laugh at. YLE, you guys need to lighten up, stop being so uptight!
    Bring Kimmo back!

  • x

    if I was Kimmo I would fly the country.

  • liz

    this is just a theory. maybe yle is still run by old farts who are shamed by finnish image about drinking.

  • x
  • x


  • http://www.ciaopaloma.de Tomas Andersson

    36. Seriöser Käufer. Sehr prompte Bezahlung. Immer ein geschätzter Kunde. Sie sind vorbehaltlos zu empfehlen.

  • Jason

    Ok, I am very conservative on a lot of things, but it’s not like he’s Dan Rather who obviously skewed the facts in order to make someone look bad – only to make himself look like an outright fool and rightfully lose his job over it. I thought that the beer bottle thing was quite hilarious, and he gets fired for something so silly.

    Maybe YLE is trying to maintain a professional demeanor and thought that the joke was way out of bounds, and that it was only fitting for something like Jon Stewart’s Daily Show. IDK.

  • funky spanky

    #7. No, there was not such an incident. Are you too for legalizing marihuana like KW.?

  • John

    Bah, that is messed up, he shouldnt of been fired for that.

  • x

    They should fire for less

  • hfb

    His crime must have been that he is one of 10 Finns who speak English without the tell-tale accent. I know the other 9 :) Yeah, you wouldn’t want to give the furriners the idea that drinking is the #1 sport and the #1 cause of death in Finland and poke a little fun at the news item that prompted it (what, bars serving multiple drinks to folks who can barely stand?! what? no, say it isn’t so!).

    Finns should also be ranked at #1 in the world for the ability for self-deception. All the Helsinki dwellers who speak of Finlands ‘pristine nature’ ala this joke http://www.hs.fi/english/article/Finnish+brand+working+group+takes+nature+excursion/1135261016499 are perfect examples of folks who either haven’t really been out to the countryside to have a look or are content to believe what they’ve been told. You can’t see that which you refuse to look at.

    And props to Kimmo Wilska! Clearly you’re a yank for having a sense of humour. Go on down to the embassy and demand your green card. :)

  • Cunt Cuntington

    ah, hfb has retuned yet again to deliver us one of her “accurate” and not at all biased and bigoted analyses. Surely this would never happen in the land of milk and honey.

    You go girl! It’s a shame about the half breed though, but I’m sure you’ll be able to raise her as full bred gated community yank. None will ever know about her shameful origins.

  • hfb

    Ah, Cunty, nothing says Finnish like being completely unable to take any criticism at all. No amount of venom spat in my direction will change the realities of alcoholism and the health toll and the very high expense it exacts upon the healthcare system in Finland. Hey, you have drunks, we have fatties and gun nuts. If I bitched at every person who had something to say about the wide range of things Finns saw on at length about the US…not enough time and really, I don’t care that much especially when talk is cheap. It is what it is.

    And, to be perfectly honest, YLE behaved like a bunch of Yanks sacking Kimmo for a little poke at the sore spot that is alcoholism and all of the enablers like pubs serving those who can barely stand upright…but, I imagine the editing booth would have caught it first and, if not, well, his chances would be better in the US than they would in .fi where Bob’s your uncle and probably your cousin, too, if you’re up north. Perhaps he should consider a career in forestry or, maybe, Fox News. :)

    As for my half-breed….well, half-bred is better than inbred as they say :)

    But…branding Finland

  • Cunt Cuntington


    The butthurt is delicious.

    Keep On, keepin’ On.

  • u numb nutz

    Obama supporters..hahah..after obama wining the peace prize, he sent 30k troops over seas..where are the anti was dip shits today `? vs when bush was in office? Just an off the topic shout out to this obama supporting jizz who runs this blog. Obama approved and anti constitutional issue to attack Libya to help those poor Libyans..as did bush to help those poor sand monkeys. How ya like Obamas change?
    hahahaha. to bad so sad.hahahah U double standard kok suker…

    Im an american and I will vote true fins…

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