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Hail to the Lord

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Now this definitely is a “hail storm” that struck Oklaholma City on 16th May. Never seen a boiling swimming pool before.

I am just sort of curious if there are some other phrases than “ahmigaawd” in the American language, as it frankly gets a bit boring after the 15th time?


Come to Närpes, Salary Herpes.

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Just reading the news headlines off the feed this morning, the sorry commie rag “Kansan Uutiset” had a revealing article of the Finnish “need for labor”. Which screams loudly, especially if you question why do we need to bring in foreign labor, even to unskilled jobs, while especially the youth unemployment is skyrocketing. Not to forget the unemployment situation among some resident foreigner groups is high – so what makes the foreign foreigner more employable than a resident foreigner? I think there is an answer to that.

Närpes is a small town in the rural Ostrobothnia, known for being a Swedish-speaking stronghold with a peculiar dialect and greenhouses. Närpes has been paraded as the posterboy for multiculturalism and all kinds of kiva that ensues.

The wicked commies however revealed, that the poor bastards working in the greenhouses hadn’t been paid proper wages, or no wages at all. Now they’ve unionized and lets see how long they will be employed. After a while the greenhouses will be complaining about a “shortage of labour” and apply for permits to bring in people from abroad. I’m seeing a trend here.

Meanwhile a brouhaha was raised regarding “cowboy building companies” from the EU. Due to “freedom of movement” the EU worker can come over to work, for an EU company, and gets “EU wages”, nevermind taxes or social contributions. If the same bloke would go ask work from a Finnish company, there wouldn’t be any work – as the EU companies get all the contracts – or actually the subcontract of a subcontract of a subcontract. Heres a bit of footage of a safety inspector visiting a multicultural worksite, the “site master” gets slightly peeved of such institutionalized racism, what do you mean – in Rome you have to apply Roman safety standards?

The perfect world continues rotating, money prints roll after the Greek financial tragedy, and Iceland has promised more ash to boost the Eurozone economy.

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