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Giving out flyers in Finland ain’t easy

Tags: Finns,Helsinki,Life in FI,Video — Author: @ 1:21 pm

Comedian Louis Zezeran and I try to give out flyers for our comedy show around Helsinki. It ain’t easy – Massive respect to the gypsy beggars in Finland… (sorry to the video quality at the beginning kinda sucks)


Those annoying foreign salespeople in the Kamppi Center

Tags: FI vs. Foreigners,Helsinki,Life in FI,Video — Author: @ 3:44 pm

You know those annoying foreigners who try to sell shit to strangers at the Kamppi Center in Helsinki? Well comedian Louis Zezeran and I decided to go annoy them… (turns out they’re actually very nice people)


Proof that Finnish is way harder than English

Tags: Culture,Language — Author: @ 4:57 pm

Here’s a sign at an entrance to the Finnish restaurant, “Rosso” (think TGIF Fridays). The *exact* same thing is written in both Finnish and English. Which language would you rather speak??



Three Americans feeling lucky they weren’t in the USA

Tags: Everything — Author:   @ 10:24 am

This is the kind of news you read in the newspapers on and off “Three football players accused of rape”. Then you read how the judge threw a book at them. But thats in America, so really…

Wait up now – actually we do have “American football” here and we do get players come in from the US and we had three football players accused of rape.

Well, this is Finland so the judges don’t throw books. As the rape wasn’t aggravated, and the men had been jailed for a significant amount of time (two months), the sentence was guilty on two counts of rape and one assisting, all three men sentenced to 1,8 months probation. Oh and yes theres damages to be paid to the women in question 4500 euros each. Somehow I find it slightly bizzarre if they’d run out of the house and pushed over someone who broke their hip, thats worth 8400 euros.

I somehow have in inkling thought if these guys had been back “at home” they might not have gotten off with 3000 euros and two months in jail.

But then again theres the Finnish guy in Brazil facing 18 years for killing his girlfriend. He should’ve come home to strangle her, might have gotten off with 3000 euros and two months in jail.


Eat the Rich

Tags: Everything — Author:   @ 11:27 am

Ilta-Sanomat and other evening newspapers are at their yearly exposé again:


So do you want to know who is who in Finland? Its all there. Eat the rich.

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