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IESAF Christmas Party

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Spending the holidays away from your family can be tough. So IESAF (International English Speakers Association of Finland) invites you to their Christmas Quiz & Party on Friday November 27th at 6pm

In Molly Malone’s, Kaisaniemenkatu 1 (nr. Kaisaniemi metro) Helsinki

Great prizes to be won, video cameras, Molly’s Money, Behnford’s Vouchers & lots more in Santa’s Xmas Quiz & the IESAF raffle.

Evening also includes British stand-up comedian Paul Westlake – and live band. Bring Your Sister, and a DJ so you can dance away the night.

Free gloggi & party food. Come dressed to impress… or not! Check out the Facebook Event page for more info!


PhilSchwarzmann.com & upcoming English Open Mic

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You know how I spam this blog with all my comedy crap? Well I promise this is my last spam ever!* (yay!!)

I was bored this weekend so I created www.philschwarzmann.com, the home of my stand-up comedy hobby and the home of English comedy in Finland. Never miss another English comedy show: Just subscribe the RSS, join the mailing list, or join the Facebook Group…and be notified anytime there’s another English show in Finland! (neat!)

Also – Manala is throwing another English Open Mic on November 5th at 8pm. The last open mic was incredible, over 150+ people, which has to be a world record for open mics. You’ll see: Professional comics trying out material in English, up-and-coming comics, first timers, and maybe even a crazy person or two! Donation just 2€ at the door.

Contact openmic@botta.fi to signup for stage time. RSVP and details at the Facebook Page.


* Please note: I often lie.


Nokia’s new slogan

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We here in Nokia marketing just changed the corporate slogan…

From Engrish


Famous Finnish phrases translated to English

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Recognize any?

Finnish phrases


Government of Mr. Teflon

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I was expecting the outcome of the votes of confidence, but not quite the farce. There were two statements on the floor, the one made by Social Democrats requiring the Prime Minister to resign which was voted out and then another one by Christian Democrats which then both the SD and the Left Alliance abstained from. There were a few colorful speeches though. The Left Alliance’s whip made a speech deriding the Greens giving their unanimous support to the Prime Minister regarding the “pile of planks” and suggested they’re nesting in it. The Prime Minister couldn’t help giggling himself silly but the Green minister was not amused.

The pile of planks revealed by YLE hasn’t caused much laughter otherwise. The Prime Minister is actually quite annoyed about YLE and its timing of the allegations. Meanwhile the Centre party is facing investigations into its foundations. Now its bad when the ombudsman investigates you, worse you get investigated by the police, but total panic when the tax office joins in. And the other parties aren’t immune to whistleblowing either.

The whole campaign funding scandal is more likely to cause people to become even more apathetic, so it might be in the 2011 elections the “sleeping party” will be the winner.

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