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English Comedy Club – May 6th @ Manala in Helsinki !!

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The monthly English Comedy Club strikes again on May 6th at Manala in Helsinki. I’ve performed there the past two times, but this time I’ll return as the host, making it my hosting debut! I get nervous just thinking about it. Let’s see what happens. :-)

If you ever wanted to check out stand-up, this is the night to do it, there is TRULY a fantastic line-up: Finn-Brit superstar player Zoë Chandler, the super funny young Russian Nickolay Antonov, the legendary Ismo Leikola, and the master of making fun of Finns and Americans, headliner Rich Lyons.

I’ve written a bunch of Finnish/Finland jokes which I’m dying to try out, I’ve stayed away from the whole Finland theme, but on May 6th I’ll break my silence. Here’s a joke I tried out during the last English Club, about a trip to the airport…

If you want to keep up with my live performances, please join the Facebook Fan page. (right now I only have a few friends, so I look like a bit of a loser. Well, a big loser. Join and help me look like less of a dork! :-)


The Daily Show visits Socialist Sweden!

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America is slowly becoming socialist like, [gasp!] SWEDEN!! You gotta watch…


Sweden Got Talent

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The Knäckebröddansen:


South Park nukes Finland

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Omg omg omg, soooo funny – From last night’s South Park…


Helsinki – 04/15/09

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If you have to EAT chili out of someone’s ass, choose a Finn

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Skip to 3:10 for some funny things about Finland…

Hat Tip to Tomi W. for the link!



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The nesting season starting, there is a most interesting webcam in the Turku Archipelago pointed at an osprey nest.
The nest had a pair of eagles squatting earlier in the week, but a single osprey came from the southern climes and seems to be claiming ownership. Depending if the ospreys mate shows up or if the eagles decide to bounce on the smaller bird we might follow either pair nesting.

I gotta get a cat scan machine

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Man, I’ve had NOTHING to write lately. So enjoy a great scene from one of the funniest recent comedy films, “The Ten”…


Helsinki – 04/08/09

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English Comedy Club @ Manala next Wednesday !!

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I’ll be performing again at the English Comedy Club @ Manala in Helsinki next Wednesday (April 8th) at 8pm. I’ll be doing all new material since the last time I was there. Also on the bill…

Paul Westlake (UK)
Jussi Simola ( FIN)
Jape Grönroos (FIN)
Toni Jyvälä (FIN)
Peter Sapiano (Can)

Tickets 7e (Students 4e) – They’ll also be a “joke contest” (for audience members I believe) during the intermission with great prizes!

Details at the Facebook Event Page: http://www.facebook.com/inbox/?ref=mb#/event.php?eid=60336269657

Please please please be sure to reserve your tickets by e-mailing englishclub@botta.fi as they’ve moved the show to a much much smaller room.

It’ll be a great night of drinking, friends, and comedy! Really hope to see you all there!!

…”Risotto” from my last gig at Molly Malone’s.


Not the Men’s Bathroom

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Just got back from a sunny winter holiday down south – my FIRST ever real winter holiday (the first time I had both time and a few $’s to spend).

You want photos of my trip!?? Here’s one from beautiful sunny Barcelona’s bathroom – I’m not sure what the room is, but it’s certainly NOT the men’s bathroom (so maybe it’s the women’s?) as clearly stated on the sign.


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