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Mighty Putty

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Hi all! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, here’s something to tie you over until I figure out some stupid shit to say…


I need to start watching figure skating

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I always thought figure skating was so gay, sorry Brian Boitano! And hey – Imagine if this happened in the states and not Finland – the Americans would have started the Cold War all over again.

Figure skating is all about landing the “triple lutz” and the “triple axel”, if you nail those, you win, if you don’t, you lose. They run around the ice, everyone just waits for these failures to happen, the rest is such a waste of time.

They should just line’em all up, make’em do their triple jumps, then release the hounds. They don’t make the ski jumpers dress up like strippers and dance around to shitty 80′s music before they do their jumps.

And give’em ski jumper-style helmets for God’s sake, some of those Eastern European guys are fugly!


President Obama

Tags: Everything — Author: @ 12:19 am

Suck it, Republicans!!



Selling your vote on the internet

Tags: Uncategorized — Author: @ 3:19 pm

You can sell your house, car, body…but you can’t sell your vote? Is there anything else of yours you can’t sell? (bodyparts?)

Peddling his vote over the Internet proved costly for a man from the southern Finnish city of Hyvinkää. The man tried to sell his vote in last autumn’s municipal election via the huuto.net online auction site.

The starting price in the bidding for his vote was one euro. The seller promised to vote for whomsoever the highest bidder would ask him to. The Hyvinkää District Court sentenced the man to pay 40 day-fines, totalling EUR 680, after finding him guilty of election bribery.

Let’s do some math: 680 euros divided by 40 days = He’s poor. Let him earn a little extra cash on the side.

Morrissey coming to Finland?

Tags: Uncategorized — Author: @ 3:13 pm

I’m a huge Morrissey fan. Just heard he’s coming to Finland again (I missed him the last time) in June, sweet! But then I heard his two Finland dates (Tampere & Helsinki) were removed. Anyone know what the deal is?

He’s supposed to be playing at The Cable Factory, which is an awful venue for a concert, the acoustics are horrid, and the coat check there takes hours.



Git’mo savings!

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This is awesome – From last Saturday’s SNL…


Finnish Public Healthcare System: “Teetering on Edge of Collapse”

Tags: Uncategorized — Author: @ 12:45 pm

I’ve been trying to get away from politics lately, but couldn’t resist this one titled, “Public Healthcare System: ‘Teetering on Edge of Collapse‘” from YLE…

Private doctors’ clinics have seem to have gained a stranglehold on the public health care system. Analysts are predicting that the current practices could lead to the collapse of the municipal health care system.

[...]Uusitupa says behind the move towards privatisation is a new attitude among physicians – the ethic is not the same as it was before.

“Young doctors are putting themselves first more. They want to enjoy their lives and are not as committed to maintaining and developing our public health care system,” he declared.

You mean, doctors would rather “enjoy their lives” and make a decent living than maintain some failing socialist ideology!?! ASSHOLES!!! (lol!)


Three People Killed in Shooting in Jyväskylä

Tags: Uncategorized — Author: @ 10:45 am

More info from H.S...

News is coming in of a shooting in the Central Finland city of Jyväskylä that has left three people dead, all of them men.
Emergency services received a call about shots being fired just after 8 a.m. this morning, after which six police units and emergency vehicles were despatched to an apartment block in the Pupuhuhta district of the city.

Inspector Arto Rajala reported that police had surrounded the crime scene and evacuated people from the surrounding apartments while awaiting the arrival of a canine unit and an armed swat team.
Calls to the apartment and shouts through the mailbox flap were not answered.
After an hour the specialist officers broke in and arrested those inside.
The bodies of two men, both shot, were found from the courtyard of the building when the police arrived, and a third man was found dead in the apartment. All had apparently died of gunshot wounds. Speaking at a press briefing in the late morning Insp. Rajala noted that the police had not been fully aware of how many persons were in the apartment at the time they broke down the door, or whether there would be an armed response to their entry.

An hour after the events, Rajala could not confirm details of whether there had been a firefight in the building, who the victims were, and whether the main perpetrator was among them. It later became clear that the gunman was among those killed.
A woman and two children were also found alive in the apartment. The children have been handed over to social workers.
Rajala was also unable to confirm whether the woman was the child’s mother, and there were no immediate details given of the other relationships involved or the ethnic background of the victims and others.
It is known that the apartment block contains some Finnish Roma families, but there has been no confirmation that this may have been an internal feud between Roma families.

Rajala later told the Finnish Broadcasting Company that two weapons were located in the apartment and that a total of eight persons had been present. Responsibility will now pass to the National Bureau of Investigation, Finland’s central criminal police arm.
What is known is that all those involved are in police hands.
Those persons who were earlier evacuated from their homes will be allowed to return as soon as forensic officers have completed their work. They will be offered crisis counselling.


Jones Big Ass Truck Rental and Storage – Part 2

Tags: Everything — Author: @ 11:08 pm

Jones is back… “Bees please!!” LOL!!


Rocket in your pocket

Tags: Everything — Author: @ 10:37 pm

Totally forgot about this pic I took back in the summer – On the side of the Espoo bus was an ad for the “Raketti” ride at Linnanmäki. LOL!!!


M&M’s are in Finland (finally!)

Tags: Everything — Author: @ 10:36 pm

Now you don’t have to travel abroad or to the airport to get M&M’s, R-Kioski is now selling them. Yay!!

Next I’d love to see Hershey’s chocolate here, which I know all you Finns *hate*, but then you eat that Panda joulu chocolate which is cheap and awful.

Supersuositut M&M’s makeiset ovat saapuneet.

Isot pussit 3,50 200 g (17,50/kg)
M&M’s Choco 200 g ja M&M’s Peanut 200 g

Pienet pussit 1,20 45 g
M&M’s Choco 45 g ja M&M’s Peanut 45 g


Bring on 2009!

Tags: Everything — Author: @ 10:35 pm

Hope everyone is enjoying their hangover!

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