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Smoking fireman for city council

Tags: Everything — Author: @ 12:32 pm

This is funny – The idiot below is running for SDP in Helsinki, this is the photo he used for his ad in today’s Hesari. He’s obviously a fireman, I see the fireman outfit and firetruck in the background – yet I also see he’s puffing on a cigar – smoking, being a leading cause in disastrous fires… LOL!!

  • infinndel the jenkki dogg

    For at least the last four years,the loony lefties have been
    screaming and yelling…***IMPEACH DUBYA BUSH!***
    When Obamessiah wins the election,he will light up his secret cigarette.
    And the celebration will be all bon-fires,fireworks, and he will pass out the cigars!

    At that time in history,the new political rant/rave will be thus:


  • infinndel the jenkki dogg

    Question for Finn pyromaniac/politician:

    Is that a Russkie cigar,or a CUBAN cigar given to you by
    Slick Willie Clinton, when he was in Helsinki streets,campaigning
    for ***THE MESSIAH*** ;-)

  • Winter

    Did Clinton mess up serious Cigar smoking when he dipped his cigar somewhere?

  • http://johanxray.wordpress.com/ Johan Xray

    Are those firechiefs smoking cigars. Gee! Why vote at all?

  • http://www.finlandforthought.net Phil

    Thanks for immediately hijacking the post, infinndel.

  • infinndel the jenkki dogg

    This post is about politicians and cigar smoking…
    My replies are appropriate! ;-)

  • mimich

    Maybe, he thinks that smoking cigar makes him a good politician. This guy is addicted on watching movies!!

  • lol

    7 whenever you talk of politics you seem smoked.

  • lol

    Sorry, 7, I mean 6. Anyway this thread is burned since the beginning.

  • Freeridin’ Franklin

    Hey winnie, how’s the portfolio?

    There’s a US frigate moored not far from where I live. Didn’t see 30 sailors though, only 1, plus a bunch of Finnish war dogs, and pictures were not allowed. Maby if I’d offered them some rum?

  • Winter

    Rum works, you will get the Party Flag and 30 Sailors pronto. What kind of frigate? Does it have 3-4 boxy sides up front (Radar)?

  • sam the ham

    What’s wrong about smoking? I bet that firefighter is gay. That’s why he smokes a cigar instead of a cigarette or a joint.

  • infinndel the jenkki dogg


  • anon

    How come I see nothing idiotic on that apart from the fact that smoking kills you.

  • Hank W.

    Firemen sometimes get hospitalized for smoke inhalation.

  • Freeridin’ Franklin

    #11: Perry class. Didn’t get a proper look and photos were forbidden (those paranoid wankers), but according to the internets it would only seem to have 2 radars.

    You didn’t reply to the portfolio question.

  • DC

    @12 Naw, if he was gay or going for the gay vote he would have his jacket open to expose his chest.

    A few years ago Toronto firefighters made a calendar of shirtless members to sell for charity. When it came time to sell them, a few of the smarter ones went to Church Street (gay village) where they quickly sold out.

  • infinndel the jenkki dogg

    Break out the cigars for today’s video:

  • Anonymous
  • Feud

    Idiot or not, SDP seem to beleading over COCO-MUUS

  • Winter

    Perry class, so a light weight ship. Have not checked the entire portfollo, but its little changed from last time. I am spread around quite well. I could use those 2 hummers I lost, even global warming needs a help.

  • cyberg00se

    Phil, can’t you just delete the first poster who keeps stinking up the place with his white trash talk? Seriously, just block his IP and tell him to go to Stormfront. He seriously is ruining your blog.

  • sam the ham

    #22 yada yada yada. What happened to the freedom? Is it only for those who agree with “me”? Only for politically correct?? WTF?? I don’t like a lot of people or much what’s been said, but every man has a right to speak out, even the likes of infinndel the jenkkidog and winter, not to mention others. Even I have that right and so do you dear cyberg00se.
    Funny thing about that, all these politically correct people are the very first to demand the censorship when somebody says something they do not like. Actually, they are the very first to demand all kinds of boycotts and punishments for those who don’t agree with them. How that fits in to their liberal gibberish ideology I do not know, because it used to be the fucking nazis, fascists and communists who were the advocates of censorship.

  • infinndel the jenkki dogg

    #22…..cybergOOse SUKSI VITTUUN! saaaaatana perrrrrrkela

  • DC

    There’s a difference between prudent editing to keep something readable, coherent, and enjoyable and then censorship. Many blogs are moderated. It’s Phil’s blog – it’s really up to him.

  • Anonymous

    Fiery Fred got 205 votes, 23 more than Ville Komsi, comme ça. What happened to Ville, BTW? He used to be a player.

  • Mark

    Why are Finns so secretive about who they invite for, including to their best friends and husbands and wives? What a closed backwards society if you disclose such information from even your own spouse!

  • Hank W.

    When you are behind the curtain its you alone who knows whom you voted for.

  • Mark

    It’s not a real marriage if there are secrets. =)

  • sam the ham

    Mark. In every marriage there are secrets. It is better that way too. Trust me on this, man, you don’t want to know everything that goes on your wifes head and you should never ever tell everything to her either.
    It’s need to know basis. What does not concern her, she doesn’t have to know. And you don’t want to know about her day dreams about that cigar smoking fireman etc.
    This “lets be honest” crap is just one of those Hollywood myths which has nothing to do with reality of human relationships. Just like the Right One or Real love or any of those. Keep it real, man, and let the kids have the kids dreams.
    In reality you are together for sex and economic reasons, security and comfort, and children. That is the reality. Romance is for fun and movies. So is sharing everything.

  • winter

    My brother gave his wife credit card, so she maxed them out. Make them work, have their own job, for for that spending spree, unless you are a Chairman Obama praiser, don’t just give them a free ride.

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