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Finnish people are overall more attractive

Tags: Everything — Author: @ 9:13 pm

Been in Sweden the past two days on business – Studies have proven that Finnish people are overall more attractive, but Sweden has alot more people that make you say “God Damn!!!!!” when you they walk by.

The Swedes and Finns are obviously quite similar, but the two glaring differences are…

1) Their self-confidence, they have a lot of it, Finns don’t (or is it “self-esteem”?) – You can just see it in the way they walk. I think this is one of the reasons why Finnish ad/media agencies haven’t had success beyond Finland, an agency needs to have strong self-confidence in order to sell their ideas to clients. Swedes are good at this.

2) Their sense of style, they’ve got a lot of it. While here I’ll try to bring back some fashion trends, cause everything trendy in Stockholm will hit Helsinki in about three years. The Swedes dress well and don’t necessarily wear expensive clothes. It seems like they just throw on whatever, and they look good no matter what, especially the fellas. Meanwhile Finnish guys seem quite content in wearing whatever their wives bought them at Dressmann three years ago. But then again, Swedish men dress and look extremely gay.

  • cymatic

    Did you giggle like a schoolboy every time you heard someone say “fart”?

  • hhihii

    Finnish chicks are hotter than Swedes, for sure!!

  • bullshiite

    what study are you talking about ?

  • tim73

    Only in Sweden woman can rape a man. I guess that will happen also in Finland within five years too, when the feminist girlie boys are swedenized enough. The idea that men are the root of all friggin evil crap in the world and should be really ashamed of PENIS pretty much comes from Sweden.

  • Dave the Revelator

    Phil, the eternal tourist.

  • http://www.finlandforthought.net Phil

    Did you giggle like a schoolboy every time you heard someone say “fart”?

    Yes :-) Even after five years in Finland I still laugh at “Utfart”

  • http://www.finlandforthought.net Phil

    what study are you talking about ?

    My official bullshite study of 2007.

  • philtard

    I would just like to say that self-esteem isn’t the same as pretentiousness. Swedes do have something in common with americans though, which is being full of your own shit and believing your the top guy in the world, even though you aren’t.
    And I’m not saying the finnish attitude is better, its just different(and for examples doesn’t translate well into marketing as you pointed out).

    Secondly I wouldn’t say swedish and finnish people are to any extent obviously similar.
    Obvious is different genetical composition, different culture and the fact that in both countries even immigrants of either tend to maintain their identity to the motherland (or could you say there’s anything finnish about RKP?).

  • bullshiite

    Finland has a lot of these men that are bald with a wimpy goatee and a big nose, a few tatoos and wear muscle t-shirts (thought the muscle is completely absent)

    They are normally found drinking beer and smoking

  • majava

    In HS today: Finns spend more money on holidays (vacation) than Swedes!

    Then the comment of my Finnish gf… ” Yes, but the Swedes went on a nice foreign trip, while the Finns spend all that money just on a family day out in Muumimaailma and eating at ABC”


  • HELLsinki

    “Finland has a lot of these men that are bald with a wimpy goatee and a big nose, a few tatoos and wear muscle t-shirts (thought the muscle is completely absent)”

    My friend and I coined a term for these people: KoffMen

    KoffMen are exactly as you said and more. They don’t talk (except when drunk, and even then it’s only about sports), they obsessively ignore their spouses, they “dress up” from what seems to be the discount section of Dressman ca. 2001, they are eager and willing to fight at the drop of a hat, and they get excessively drunk anytime they go out.

    No class, no style.

  • tim73

    “They don’t talk (except when drunk, and even then it’s only about sports), they obsessively ignore their spouses, they “dress up” from what seems to be the discount section of Dressman ca. 2001, they are eager and willing to fight at the drop of a hat, and they get excessively drunk anytime they go out.”

    And the world would not work without them. Swedenized “soft” world would work until it is time to change oil…

  • HELLsinki

    “And the world would not work without them. Swedenized “soft” world would work until it is time to change oil…”

    I really have no idea what that means. What I think you are trying to say, is that a man who takes care of the way he looks, treats women nicely and has an outgoing personality, can’t do “manly” things like play sports or fix cars.

    You are a dumbass. Class, courtesy and style can/does go hand-in-hand with being a REAL man.

    But you, being the essence of a KoffMan, would probably not understand that.

  • v.i.lenin

    If you’re a total sucker for blondes, then head to Sweden, but if you’re open to other hair colors, then Finland has the best babes. And Estonia. Unless of course you get bored with straight hair everywhere you look. (I do.) Oh and of course unless you like redheads, in which case head for Norway or Ireland.

  • http://lightfromthenorth.blogspot.com/ Toby

    I’m glad I’m not the only expat in Finland who has developed the traditional Finnish inferiority complex to Swedes. I wrote this: http://lightfromthenorth.blogspot.com/2008/05/stockholm.html about a month ago.

    I’m not sure what “gay” means in reference to Swedes though. My best mate is gay, but I don’t think he looks particularly anything besides that sort of London/Brighton look that never seems to go north of the Watford Gap except with surfers/trendy outdoorsy types. So maybe men in Stockholm look cool. Phil must be really integrating to Finland when he thinks that is “gay”. ;-)

  • http://stupidbananaa.blogspot.com stupidbananaa

    I would take a Swedish guy over Finnish any day…

  • tim73

    “I really have no idea what that means.”

    Of course you don’t. You would be perfectly happy with superficial hustlers and con artists who wear the “right stuff” and act like real gentlemen. They know all the good manners and are really polite to YOU as long as it is YOU that is doing to paying part.

  • http://www.blacknotblack.blogspot.org El Gabacho Chingón

    Say Phil, maybe your opinion of the fashion sense of Finnish men bases on your work place. Computer geeks around the world have the same style of corporate logo polo shirts tucked into a pair of jeans two sizes to small, with the gut hanging proudly over the belt buckle in order to show off an exquisite taste in microwave pizzas and 2 liter bottles of diet coke.

  • http://www.finlandforthought.net Phil

    I’m not sure what “gay” means in reference to Swedes though.

    I think “metrosexual” would have been a more accurate adjective.

  • tim73

    “equisite taste in microwave pizzas and 2 liter bottles of diet coke.”

    Wannabe geeks use microwave, Real Gurus prefer CPU coolers. Red Bull imported from Mexico keeps you coding, not diet coke! You do not know anything, do you? :)

  • http://www.blacknotblack.blogspot.org El Gabacho Chingón

    #20: Yeah, but did I get the rest of the uniform correct? Forgive me, I haven’t frequented the nerd paradise known as the valley of silicon since before Y2K. Then again, do wannabe geeks actually exist?
    How about metrosexual coders?

  • bullshiite

    Estonian women = Underweight Finnish women dressed like barbie dolls… yum !

  • op

    I think that, as far as men goes, there are no more than 5 types of looks among them. (I can always spot one guy, and he’ll remind me of a few other people.)

    Women, on the other hand, look more different from each other.

  • http://www.axis-of-aevil.net/ hfb

    Majava – “…Finns spend all that money just on a family day out in Muumimaailma and eating at ABC.”

    LOL. Ain’t that the truth! Jesus, I went without kids to Muumimaailma and spent close to 30 euro just to get in only to find it was mostly costumed people wandering around the kiosks where you could buy a 10 euro hot dog or 15 euro kebab. I suppose I had envisioned something far more special for the price which is always a mistake in Finland.

    Tim73 – “Wannabe geeks use microwave, Real Gurus prefer CPU coolers. Red Bull imported from Mexico keeps you coding, not diet coke! You do not know anything, do you?”

    Oh, please, you can’t possibly palm off your misogyny and complete Finnish social ineptitude on the idea that you can manage to write 10 lines of useable code and cook your dinner on your tiny little intel cpu heat sink. LOL. What a fuckwad.

    Phil – The Swedish guys are hot, too. :)

  • infinndel the jenkki dogg

    Has there been any substantial research on the UGLY AMERICANS living in Finland and why they are there!?…what are their reasons for leaving
    U.S.of KKK-A. (tm Reverend Jeremiah Wright)…do these turncoats believe they will ever return to their homeland and be re-assimilated back into Amerikkkan society….They may require re-indoctrination
    to do so..

  • http://www.blacknotblack.blogspot.org El Gabacho Chingón

    #25:”…do these turncoats believe they will ever return to their homeland and be re-assimilated back into Amerikkkan society…”
    Personally, I had an epiphany once when I saw a bumper sticker while stuck in traffic,
    “America, love it or leave it.”
    I chose to live in Finland for the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.
    A Finnish woman kicked the pursuit into a journey. So far, homeland insecurity still lets me visit family on Xmas, so I think my turncoat status goes unquestioned.

  • tim73

    “.. you can manage to write 10 lines of useable code and cook your dinner on your tiny little intel cpu heat sink”

    Well, there are computers under supervision of IT-support personnel like …hmm..YOU and there are ones that ain’t. Who said anything about TINY? You should learn the name of the other important river in Egypt, instead of just DENIAL. It is called IRONY.

  • Anonymous

    During my 2 year stay in Finland I also coined the term Koffmen to describe Finnish males. What a coincidence!

    They also wear shellsuits and wear baseball caps. Their favourite activity is shouting racist abuse at foreigners. But what’s with the shavene head and the strange goaty facial hair/ It almost looks like somethin from the deep south USA style – HARLEYDAVIDSON FASCIST LOOK

    In my experience I would estimate that at least 50% of Finnish males display Koffmen attributes

  • Janssons Fisk

    Ah, Swedes… the Americans of Europe it is often said.

  • http://www.axis-of-aevil.net/ hfb

    Tim73 – ” It is called IRONY.”

    Ah, yet another Finn who not only doesn’t do small talk but doesn’t do humour, either. LOL. It’s a heat sink, son, not a ‘CPU cooler’.

    Janssons Fisk – “Ah, Swedes… the Americans of Europe it is often said.”

    Said by jealous Finns who are irate at their better looking neighbours with a country that most people have heard of. :)

  • eM

    i completely disagree with Finns ladies being hotter than swedes…

    you must be kidding me..

  • Troll

    Faroe Island has definitely the hottest!….

  • Anonymous

    Swedish girls have no competition.. Finns r just straight hair ‘Available, easy’ blonde chicks for night stand

  • infinndel the jenkki dogg

    All the resident “uuugly Amerikkkans” now preparing to live the rest of their lives in Suomi,all state the same reason for their choice to reject there native homeland,and try to assimilate into the foreign Asian culture of Finland: SMOKIN HOT BLONDE Finnish BABES….
    These unfortunate SEXIST PIGS…get tricked into relationships with these drunken beauties they meet on a cheesy ferry wandering aimlessly thru seagull infested heaps of rocks in the shimmering waters of the
    Archepellago…Finnish people smile at them and great them…and do nice,superficial “kippis!” toasts of Salmiaki…..but when you leave their monocultural village…the worm turns

  • peter

    Finnish girls do not rate very hightly anymore.

    In the early 1980′s, they were slim, attractive and very feminine.

    By the late 1990′s, they became fat, ugly and feminist.

    One decade later, that downward trent continues.

    Does any other guys agree with this assessment?

  • Janssons Fisk

    35.. With so many men under the thunb, do they are..?

  • http://www.blacknotblack.blogspot.org El Gabacho Chingón

    More generalizations, haven’t had this much narrow minded stereotypical fun since I left the States.

  • Stereotyper

    Their self-confidence, they have a lot of it, Finns don’t

    Finns hide behind ridiculous nationalism to compensate for lack of self-confidence ;-)

  • HELLsinki


    So true. And funny!

  • Hank W.

    > In the early 1980’s, they were slim, attractive and very feminine.
    I was also young and in my 20′s

    >By the late 1990’s, they became fat, ugly and feminist.
    I also got a job and started to die slowly of stress.

    >One decade later, that downward trent continues.
    Of my eyelids too.

    >Does any other guys agree with this assessment?
    Looking in the mirror its never been a compliment.

  • Pauli

    29 I’ve only heard Swedes the Canadians of EU
    Go to Europe and wake up your life

  • http://fredfryinternational.blogspot.com Fred Fry

    Don’t forget that Swedish women are much more likely to have large breasts. Finnish women I guess try to compensate by being ‘easier to catch.’

    “…do these turncoats believe they will ever return to their homeland and be re-assimilated back into Amerikkkan society….They may require re-indoctrination”

    I returned in 2001. No problems were encountered. New job, new car, new credit cards and bank accounts. Eventually I got mobile phone.

    Funny, it seems that I require re-indoctrination to be convinced into moving back here! Being married kind of negates the attraction of the women.

  • v.i.lenin

    “Being married kind of negates the attraction of the women.”

    Oh mään, I hear _that_! Married Finnish guys do seem to be half-castrated by their wives. On the other hand if a Finnish guy doesn’t show some spine once in a while, the gal gets bored with having a puppy and wanders off. So a marriage that endures tends to be in a state of perpetual tension over who’s on top. A British friend said that “the problem with Finnish women is they want to be men”, ouch!

  • Nick B.

    My (finnish) wife isn’t manly at all, but she’s probably one of the few finnish women I could tolerate. :)

    What’s funny is that I would like to move to Finland for a short time just to see what it’s like. But my wife says she’ll NEVER move back, even if it’s only temporary. She’s lived in the United States since the late 90′s when I met her.

    We visit Finland about every two years, so I guess that’ll have to do for now.

  • http://fredfryinternational.blogspot.com Fred Fry


    I have in no way been ‘castrated’. I meant that I can’t chase after the others anymore. At least for an American, Finland was a good hunting ground for women.

  • Freeridin’ Franklin

    “with the gut hanging proudly over the belt buckle in order to show off an exquisite taste in microwave pizzas and 2 liter bottles of diet coke”

    Diet coke is for girls, surely. I must say that you are describing a dying breed of geeks.

    “They also wear shellsuits and wear baseball caps. Their favourite activity is shouting racist abuse at foreigners.”

    Shellsuits? Wow, never noticed that.

    Seriously, how retarded do you have to be to get even these basic stereotypes wrong?

  • peter

    While in Tallinn in the summer, I sit often in a sidwalk terrace with an Estonian girlfriend in the center of the Old Town.

    We pass the time trying to guess the nationalities of the passing tourists. From a distance as they approach, we guess and then confirm their nationalities from their language as they get closer.

    Finns are very easy to guess. And it is very easy to differentiate Swedes from the Finns. As Phil says, Swedes just have more style, and usually they are in better physical shape, ie. not so fat.

    In fact, the Finns look almost as if they were each cloned from 5 or 6 standard set of genes. They all look largely the same. And sometimes, we (me and my girlfriend) wonder if the same 100 Finns are simply not walking around in circles and passing us every five or ten minutes.

  • Freeridin\

    “While in Tallinn in the summer, I sit often in a sidwalk terrace with an Estonian girlfriend”

    Now that we’re on the topic of national stereotypes, is that a “girlfriend” in the Thai sense?

  • Freeridin’ Franklin

    Sorry for fumbling with the AmeriKKKan keyboard.

  • peter

    Freeridin: Now that we’re on the topic of national stereotypes, is that a “girlfriend” in the Thai sense?


    Now, that you mentioned national stereotypes, I would expect a Finnish reindeer to ask a juntti question like that.

  • Freeridin’ Franklin

    #50: So it was still a contract based on an hourly fee and no notice? Proper girlfriends come with at least weekly contracts, you know.

  • James

    Swedish guys and girls tend to be well dressed. They tend to have great genes(I married one), so they look good in most things.

    True, Sweden is the home of the metrosexual…and after staying for a while you notice that most people are wearing the same set of clothes/shoes from only a few shops.

    I look forward to stopping over is Helsinki next summer, we’re flying Finnair.

  • winter “Yea, Proton Power, now in remission”

    Hah, you did not make the list.

    Stockholm girls come out on top

  • Åboy

    @ peter,

    What are you crying about? You started the stereotyping thing. Don’t wail if it came back and bit you in the ass. Southern villisika can’t take the heat? Then get the hell out of the kitchen.

    And btw, I always spot Estonians because they look and sound like the poor countryside cousins that they are.

  • Marten

    That’s so immature of you Åboy. Estonians are cool. At least they don’t have all that bullshit nationalism like the Finns. It gets kind of boooring to hear “Suomi” “Suomi” “Suomi” all the time, don’t you think?

  • Freeridin’ Franklin

    “Estonians are cool. At least they don’t have all that bullshit nationalism like the Finns.”

    Yeah sure, they don’t get all hung up over statues or anything.

  • Freeridin’ Franklin

    Estonians got style:


    …and rhythm!


    Say, is Motörhead looking for a new drummer by any chance?

  • Freeridin’ Franklin

    One more thing: I think that it is an extremely positive development if Finnish women are getting uglier while the economy keeps on getting stronger. The result is less dicks-for-brains and more talent among immigrants. Even better if the former go to Sweden.

  • Hank W.

    #56 Go to an Estonian Kaitseliit rally and then come back and say that again. http://www.kaitseliit.ee/

    And you call it “bullshit nationalism” just because you are ashamed of your own country waiting for some foreigner to come fuck you in the ass.

  • Freeridin’ Franklin

    #60: Strange that Finnish bullshit nationalists haven’t gotten to re-establishing Suojeluskunnat. Probably been too drunk. Not that it stopped them in the 20s and 30s. Screw 543210 (Finnish 420, too long for stoners to remember), we need a new prohibition!

    And besides, patriotism is only bullshit when non-Merkins do it. USA! USA! Nr.1!!111!!!

  • Op

    >>>It gets kind of boooring to hear “Suomi” “Suomi” “Suomi” all the time, don’t you think?>>>


  • infinndel the jenkki dogg

    All the Amerikkkans,from U.S.of KKK-A..(tm Reverend Jeremiah Wright),
    that fled their native homeland and tossed their AmeriKKKan pride and patriotism under the #3 helsinki tourist tram,just because of some smokin’ hot drunken SUOMI blonde babes,will discover they made a big blunder by not going for the smokin’ hot babes of Sweden..The ameriKKKan fools will soon be wearing a thick,black, metal-studded
    dogg collar and be dragged on a leash ,yelping in protest, by their new Finnish dominatrix hotties! :-)

  • winter “Yea, Proton Power, now in remission”

    Look Sweeden Babes won, now just get over it.

    And take a trip to Stockholm……gee its eye candy time

  • Freeridin’ Franklin

    “And take a trip to Stockholm……gee its eye candy time”

    As for Swedish eye candy for winnie, here’s some:


  • Anonymous

    What’s important is that Ron Jeremy has a Finnish cousin: http://www.iltalehti.fi/viihde/200806177810627_vi.shtml

  • infinndel the jenkki dogg

    Ron Jeremy surely is an ameriKKKan sexist pig..he does not know or care about Suomi…he just wants carnal knowledge of smokin’ hot Finn babes,
    ….boy is he in for a rude awakening!

  • Freeridin’ Franklin

    Even Ron Jeremy’s been a virgin in some respects quite recently:


  • infinndel

    Ron Jeremy…he be struttin’ his stuff with smokin’ hot Finnish babes..
    doin’ the Atomic Dogg shuffle…down Manner-hymen-T…because…
    R.J. has got a nat-u-ral sense ob riddim! ;-)

  • Jason

    But then again, Swedish men dress and look extremely gay.

    Does the name Ake Green ring a bell?

  • pekka

    Yes we are.

  • Ekinn

    Finnish women are the easiest I have ever seen. I do not mean that they are cheap, but whenever they see a man from south of Europe (Italy, Spain or Turkey), those nice blondes realize that finnish men are just drunk porks and the needed thing is just a real man!

  • Enkerro

    True finland dont have many very feminine women (or then i just havent met them). I only like feminine women. Tender, submissive. I dont like cocky or “manly” women at all. I hate when woman act hard. Call me sovinist if you want but women are better when they are “wall rose” of course not ridiculously shy. You know?

  • Enkerro

    ^ and of course woman need to know her value ;)

  • SilkKitty

    I’m in love to a Finnish guy hoping to get married with him someday^_^

  • http://sky.com Nicola Pickett

    As you are all flowing in the finish language,can i ask if the words Bumi and lukkuu means anything to you?I met Man in Spain called Marco who was from Finland i wrote his email when leaving him ,i assume i wrote it wrong as i keep receiving demon mail.Can anyone help me with the spelling ?

  • Blablablaah

    It is so fucking frustrating to read and hear comments about women’s beautiness and sense of style in different coutries compared to Finland.. and ahh, they are so fucking fashionable all over except Suomi :) Probably you all shit heads have just visited capitals in these ‘other countries’. Go to the smaller cities in each and see… the same goddamn navetastatulleita as in some fucking persjärveläinen in Finland. Grow up boneheads and make a step into the real world ;)

  • Blah

    “As you are all flowing in the finish language,can i ask if the words Bumi and lukkuu means anything to you?” It’s luukku, try again.

  • Dan

    Finns made one of the best selling companies. Nokia is Finnish made!!!

  • Dan

    never heard of bumi and luuku is something like a draw.

  • finnish girl

    I didnt know that people make so much fun of us. I dont think we finnish girls look ugly. I dont understand this “easy to get-thing” :S
    maybe i dont understand anything just becouse im 16

    hyvää vappua! =))

  • Australian

    I’m in Australia and according to Lonely Planet Guide, Helsinki is a “trendy” and “happening” place…probably the envy of Swedes, who have been knocked down a few pegs. Finland’s Education and Health Care systems have received quite a bit of attention here.
    I look forward to visiting Finland again this year.

  • finnish girl that is American

    I am a Finnish-American woman and very reserved. Yet, I am continually told by many that I am the best looking woman ever seen.
    I do not relish in this and am usually very uncomfortable regarding comments about my looks.
    I wear no makeup, keep my hair long and natural, wear Target or cool thrift store clothes, and try to maintain a moderate level of fitness.
    I am complimented on a continual basis, often by strangers.
    I only mention the above, because of the “looks” debate going back and forth.

    I visited Finland and wish to move there now. Unfortunately, I was born in America. The people of Finland seem so much more advanced than the rest of human kind. I have traveled throughout Europe and Mexico.

    Finnish people are by far the supreme people of the planet. I am finally starting to develop enough self-confidence to say this, and only, because of this website. Thanks all!

    By The Way, why do I always end up in a relationship with a Turkish man? The Turkish Men in America seek me out for some odd reason.

  • finnish girl that is American

    Oh, and please solve this childhood mystery for me…I remember my mother saying the words, “So Con Goodia Moodia Mia” when I was a child.

    I am spelling it phonetically. Real spelling is probably way different.

    I am too embarrassed to ask my mother about this. She will probably think that I am crazy.

    That is where I got part of my email name from. This weird childhood memory.

  • DUH

    I have been living both in Sweden and in Finland. I can honestly say that ‘a swedish stereotype of blonde, blue eye hot chicks’ is completely bullshit. There are vetyperoxide blondes, daah, but the most common hair colour there could be named as ‘swedish mouse-grey’. Real blondes are very rare. Blue and green eyes are common but not as much as in Finland. Also – I assure you guys and gals – Finland has the biggest population of natural blondes in the world.

    What gotta be admitted is that Finns are more fatty in general, compared to Swedish people. But as far as I know, that doesn’t bother anyone really. At least most of the guys like their girls a bit too much fat than model-thin skeletons ;) ) What comes to the guys, the majority is slim or normal till they reach their 30yrs. However, especially Finns suffer from cardio-problems and diabetes a lot and even many other things effect to these deseases as well, should Finns tackle this problem more (anyway here seems to be many national projects going on nowadays, considering weight control)

    And what comes to Estonia.. I like these people.Women are feminine, guys .. well, pretty much invisible :) And yes, Estonians are generally the slimmest people of all 3 Baltic states. Also the slimmest compared to Scandinavians too (checked from World Human Organization’s annual report..) But this nation is still suffering hard from post-traumas caused by Russia’s domination. Also the highest rates in HIV positive people, especially among people under 30 yrs. They are VERY, EXTREMELY nationalist nation.. indeed they are. Who ever would say otherwise haven’t ever really had a conversation with an original Estonian. If you dont believe me, just go to any Estonian random and ask if they are Russians and you see ;)

  • Lis

    Reading all the comments was very entertaining! I have a question though, where do the Norwegians fit into the Swede-Finn scale? =)

  • soomeugrilane

    I am an Estonian and not a specialist of Einno-Swedic relations:), but I think finns are somewhat darker than the Swedes.Finns have larger and longer noses compared to Swedes and high cheek-bones.Swedish faces are more robust.
    So, Swedes are genuine scandinavians, but the finns are finnougrians (despite quaite strong scandinavian, i.e swedish influences).Sometimes opinion is that Finns look more”slavic”.Actually, it´s not the “slavic” look, it´s finnougric look.I think Finnish singer Kaia Kärkinen looks like a genuine finn.

    Your comments are wellcome,

  • Finnish man

    Okay, well I’m wearing right now 30- years old leatherjacket what about that?

  • Ed

    Finns are hottest cuz they’re whiter. I love blondes. I prefer the natural look of Finns to the stylized look of Swedes. Just natural pure blond is what is most beautiful. No fashions needed. I prefer modesty and coziness to hyper confidence. I wish we could pass a law to protect and preserve Finns. The whole world should be taxed to protect that blond country and keep them pure

  • O. Jokinen

    I am half Swedish and half Finnish. Spent a brief amount of time in Sweden. What I really want is to remove all traces of Finnish dna. I know it’s impossible, but just a symbolic gesture of the extent of shame & contempt I have in being partially Finnish. Sweden is where I want to be. Swedes are the people I want to associate with. My experiences there were much more warm amd welcome then in Finland. Finns are f***ing rude and have the “me first attitude”. An example is at any que while waiting for public bus service or at the market. Finns are homely. Therefore I am 50% homely as well. I really am an unattractive man. However, I do have a large penis. Thank you Sweden!

    Finnish women are too manly, a dime a dozen, bitches, childish and promiscuous. A.K.A – dirty Finnish tramp. Hell!…Russian women are extremely beautiful compared to Finnish women. Russian women re sociable and classy. Finns pretty much are drunken assholes and talk shit! Passive-aggressive motherfuckers; both males and females (not all). Finnish senior citizens are grumpy, bitter, penny-pinchers and haggle with every merchant. Die already! I never agreed with how negativley Finns treat foreigners. Hey you dumb Finnish assholes – you are part of the European Union now! No more Finland, it’s gone. Just Spread your ass apart and accept it. Everyone is welcome to come in.

    Finnish architecture is fucking boxy and depressing. The housing structures never conform to useful living conditions. Floor plans show that much of the design was done while on a hang-over from pikku-joulu celebrations. Concentration camp interior and exterior design. Swedish design is visually stimulating and feels lived in and warm. Finns ripped off some of Swedish ideas and bastardized it.

    Finnish men might just be gay. They try too hard to be masculine. What are they hiding? The same assholes fight with foreigners at the local bars. Talk with faux deep voices. Fart in the presence of guests. What are they hiding? The young Finns try to be like black rappers from America. They dress like them and wear the baseball caps at an angle. Pffff! Fucking douchebags! ROFL! To them I say, “You look like an asshole!” The same goes for the white Americans trying to be black.

    Ironically, real gay Finns are cool and don’t bother anyone. They mind their own business and live their lives without drama.

    The shittiest part of my existance is being half Finn. 50% fucked up genetic traits. It’s enough to kill myself over.

    Generally, friendly people with real culture. Finns are just pissed they were under Swedish rule for 500 years.. oh and let’s not mention the Russian period. Really touchy subjects for Finns. Swedes did more for Finland during their reign than Finland did for itself. Only significant national trait Finland gave itself was depression. Russia even contributed to Finlands existance. Yet, Finns bitch and moan. Finland can easily be wiped of the world map by either of it’s neighbors. Till this day, citizens of many nations don’t know about Finland. Why? Simply because Finland is trivial. Sweden on the other hand has been an influential civilization. History dictates this axiom.

    What has Finland given to the world? Nokia. A fucking communications device which was developed by infringing on numerous existing patents and technology. This product contributes to environmental pollution with it’s toxic components. Neurologists and Radiologists confirm cell phones affect cellular development and disrupt dna replication in brain tissue.

    Also, Finnish corporations discriminate with extreme prejudice. They are above the law. Just boycott their shitty products.

    No, let’s not preserve Finns. Let them become extinct. Finns are not entirely homozygous as some anthropologists claim. Finns are mixed.
    Finns are not real Scandinavians.

    Real Scandinavians are Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Icelandic people.

    Swedes are just naturally better than Finns in so many ways.

  • O. Jokinen

    ***EDIT: “Generally, friendly people with real culture…” Instead it should have been printed as: “Swedes are generally, friendly people with real culture…”

    It should have been affixed to the the last sentence as well. I did not proof read before submitting. My mistake.***

  • http://www.habariganisafaris.com grayson

    my name is grayson i live here in Tanzania africa country i real want to live in finland and swden betwen this two country .but i don have aconnection i mean friend who will pull me there if anyone who want to help me please my email address is kimweri05@gmail.com.phone number is +255788791181

  • Anonymous

    Dear O. Jokinen, I think you are bit small minded.

    “Finns are f***ing rude..”
    - It may seem so for you, if you are used to sugar-coated treatment. Most of us, at least where I came from, prefer to say and behave plainly. For example, lets say that if I came up with idea and I share it, usually somebody says that “that’s a stupid idea” if it IS a stupid idea. And then, another reward with finnish people is that, we are able to laugh at ourselves. I mean even I can then laugh how stupid idea it was when somebody points out it. But then again if we still think it is a good idea, finnish people can be quite stubborn, and this can be either good or bad.

    “Finnish architecture is fucking boxy and depressing”:
    - http://www.greatbuildings.com/architects/Alvar_Aalto.html
    Aalto was one good architect. Not the only one, though.

    Here is also some lists of most livable cities:
    No Stockholm?

    “Finns are just pissed they were under Swedish rule for 500 years”
    - Yeah, that pisses me off little bit :D . Although the famous vikings, brave dedicated warriors never conquired Finland. Now you maybe appeal that what there was to claim. If you dont get whats the beauty in Finland, then dont, and leave the people here alone, jut as they prefer.

    Read some of the writings of Olaus Magnus Gothus, swedish guy, who wrote many times that finns are very tough to fight when it comes to defending our families and land. I think the Sweden was able to rule Finland so long, simply becouse we thought you do us no harm. But then again, we were much better off with the Russian rule, nice guys, just have to kick them further from the border once in a while. Of course they are welcome to live with us too, just not with guns in their hands and claiming my fathers land theirs. It my damn potato field.

    “What has Finland given to the world? Nokia. A fucking communications device which was developed by infringing on numerous existing patents and technology.”
    - May I inquire what patents?

    “This product contributes to environmental pollution with it’s toxic components. Neurologists and Radiologists confirm cell phones affect cellular development and disrupt dna replication in brain tissue.”
    - Thats what some say. And you are just saying that all cell phones are bad. How about the Ericsson?

    “Real Scandinavians are Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Icelandic people.”
    - That is true. Finland is not even a part of Scandinavian peninsula. Then again, who claims we are?

    “Swedes are just naturally better than Finns in so many ways.”
    - Maybe. Also other way around. And with each person you can compare us all the way to eternity.

    This is one fun clip :D

  • Hannah

    I think Americans suck and I am one – fortunately I am not closed minded and self-serving as most Americans are! I would love to live in Finland. The best rock bands come out of Finland – and they are hot. Look at Ville Valo – sexiest man on earth if you ask me. I would prefer the mindset of a Finn definitely over a Swede after reading this blog. Humility is essential to being a caring human being. I am not into men who only care about what they wear so I guess Sweden would not work for me. It goes far deeper. So many Americans are so superficial and it sounds as though many Swedes may be similar – but, then, we can compare to all cultures of the world. There are always people who will be thinking they are better than everyone else and, truly, they are nothing. I say – GO FINLAND! LOVE YOU!

  • Oliver


  • Sidra

    I’m an American woman whose father was from Finland…the more I learn about Finland, her history and people, and how they practiced shamanic paganism and were known by the outside world, especially by the Scandinavian’s, as wizards; the prouder I am to be of Finnish descent! My Finnish ancestors are from Ostrobothnia….and I understand that some Ostrobothians have Swedish ancestry — I hope to Hel I don’t have any Swedish blood running in my veins! Regardless of how many of you stupid dicks out there prefer Swedish boobs over real Finnish womyn! The Swedes violently forced their evil false religion Christianity down the throats of the Finns, forcing the Finns to relinquish their spiritual shamanic heritage (although many retained the true spiritual knowledge by going ‘underground’ so some of the ancient wisdom has fortunately been preserved and is now starting to bubble forth to the surface. The ancient Finns also practiced ancestor worship and I’ve made a shrine to my Finnish ancestors as I learn and walk the path of my blood ancestors! Namaste’ — Sidra w/Sisu!

  • Just Farted

    @ Sidra – After I read your comment I farted. Here is a song I recall when I was ten years old. ” …the witch doctor told me what to do! he said, Oo ee OO ah ah, walla walla bing bang, oo-ee oo ah ah…” and of course I forgot the rest.

    Furthermore, for the rest of the asshole commentors, who gives a flying red nippple fuck where you come from. National pride causes much of the worlds conflicts. It does so on a global scale and trickles down to small communities. Anytime someone asks me where I’m from, I reply, “I don’t remember because it’s not important” “What’s important is that I am just an average human being” That’s all. Oh and fuck Sweden and Finland! They both suck. So, does every other nation on this planet. Fuck nationalism!

    P.S. Icelandic chicks have hot pussies! :)

  • Cecy

    who cares who looks better…
    they both looks fuc*ing sexy :D

  • Real Finnish woman

    I would like to comment as a Finn that it is so funny to read all stereotypical comments about Finns. To understand finnish culture, one should understand their history first. Finns love to live in peace, they highly respect education, they have high work ethic and they are trustworthy and so on. If you are a foreigner ..finns expect you to have the same quality and quantitative of characters as finns have to survive in our culture. Women are highly respected in our culture, and most of the time they are strong personalities. If you come to Finland from very patriarchal society, you would NOT most likely adjust in finnish culture. They will show you a way to your own country, if you try to change our culture! How you dress, what is your pant’s size or how sexy you are or look is not the most valued issues in our society. We have a deeper value system that that. Who you are as a person, your thoughts, education and intentions are more important than external/material aspect of life. Finns can live modesty, they can be very modest, they don’t want to show off what they are. It can be too much to somebody, but the key is that to respect everybody’s culture, we try to do it as well.

  • Clair

    I am an American hoping to permanently relocate to Finland. I am somewhat amazed at some of the comments posted here.I almost married a Swedish guy and he was the worst. He cheated, was violent, and proved to be indifferent to the enjoyment of good sex. Being an honest and reliable finnish man would be more of value to me than how cool a Swedish man dresses. The finnish people are , in my mind,
    a very courageous group and have suffered thru some terrible experiences because of Swedes and Russians. There seems to a lot of superficial people talking nonsense here. Usually people only put down other groups when they secretly envy that group and have low self esteem of their own.

    PS I am not Finnish but of different ethnic background.

  • wanizz

    whats that crap about finns have less self-confidence?? just because we dont speak to everyone we meet, doesnt mean we’re scared of them, or afraid that they wont like us.. plus of coure finns have style! heres so many guys that look like sissys that its almost impossible to find a man who doesnt spend more time than me in front of the mirror, annoying! Finns rule and thats it! i would never date a swedish guy!

  • grant

    what crap,you think you are an expert,you are know doubt talking about women and you think they all lust after you,you are living in fantasy land.

  • grant

    the fins proved they had self confidense when they stood up to the red army,the allies never had the guts to do that,the swedes,yes well that was the past

  • Mohammad

    Finnish people are very ugly and short, and they have an inferiority complex towards Sweden because they owned them for like 500 years.

  • smoking hot mee

    hey im a finnish girl and im smoking hoot wohoo!!!!

  • Talenakat15

    Swedes are assholes….I’ll take a modes Finnish man any day

  • Talenakat15


  • Finnbred

    Well maybe the best of the inbred bunch,but hey when it really comes down to it,you are all a bunch of cold,self centred retards.In the world’s eye,you are insignificant-just like a piece of dog crap is.Finns are meaningless and your comment just highlights this.Keep thinking that you are hot because you are the only one ……ha,ha,ha.

  • Finnbred

    you don’t speak to anyone-why?Because you don’t have the intelligence to do so.The world laughs at your style as you call it.You think you are on the same level as the Parisian women ,for example?Not!!!!!Only a Finn would think they rule.The only thing that you rule is how to be a cold,self cented loser.

  • Finnbred

    Yes because you are easy.

  • Da_qwerty

    It’s bullcrap written from a american point of view. You gotta understand that modesty is important in our culture. Several other cultures that have similar ways of doing business, for example the Japanese don’t want people to be too much over the top either. The Russian are a little bit similar, and that’s why it’s always so fun watching the swedes run away from doing business in Russia after they got cheated, tricked and ignored. And they go back, never understanding what happened. They will say Russia is a bad country and never see the problem in themselves. 
    Myself i work in a night-club enviroment with mostly swedes, and i would still say finns are more confident. Alot more, i think Swedish people are one of the most unsure people I’ve ever met. All the time they need to be in the centre and show what they can do, that they are funny people. Some people can do it in a nice way, but many of them just have self-confidence issues and it really makes the whole situation just awkward and very comical. Finns are more themselves while Swedes are acting up to please other people around them. Is that self-confidence?

  • Ash Manney

    As in every Western culture, you have good people and bad people.

  • Racistcunt

    That is absolute bullshit

  • Sidra with Sisu!

    I don’t think so, but you ARE BS!!

  • Sidra with Sisu!

    I don’t think so, but you ARE BS!!

  • finn
  • Wanderer

    There are all kind of people living every where. Many Finns prefer practical over good looks. Most men dont like theyr wives or girlfriends buying them clothes, that is probly part of the problem. The weather is sometimes unpredictable, more so the more north you go. Some Finns love to brag about theyr achivements, most dont like people doing that. Finns keep theyr buisness theyr own, untill you get to know them better. Usuly when a Finn says something he or she means that, so its worth listening the litle some people say. They might not repeat whats been said. 

    The life of Finns have been hard and its a culture with a history of opression and rebellion against opression in many forms. It shows in the daily culture. Many kids dont get to much compliments from adults during childhood, it can show outward as low selfesteem. Respect the silence with the silent people, push it and there will be problems, sometimes unpredictable problems even to other Finns. Finland has one of the highest rates of domestic violence in all european countrys. Both women and men can be equaly bad. Newer submit under such behavior, any kind of physical violence is a crime in Finland. 

    Finns tend to be sexualy open and qurious when you get to that point. Nudity is not always such a big deal, so check before u get funny ideas in wrong places, like the sauna or on a swimming trip. Embaresment is asured if you go and touch without permission. Men and women are considered equal and women are very aware of that. Dont be to flirty with other peoples spouses, that is not respected especialy from non Finns. Many Finns are actualy quite jelous about their partners, even they dont admit it. 

    Not all Finns are hard working, honest, friendly, deep, spiritual and trust worthy people. That i hope should go without saying. Sometimes it can take years to befriend somebody and even then you dont always know what is going on inside that head. Then again that sayd, some Finns are loyal like guard dogs to their friends, spouses and work even they might sometimes act abit wierd. Honest, loyalty, self-sufficiency and ironic dry murky humor is usuly respected. 

    Swedisih people have a different kind of culture, with its good and down sides as well. In depth its a very different culture than the Finnish one. I have both Finnish and Swedish relatives. 

  • Finn

    The Vikings went even to Arabia to plunder, explore and do war. Everybody feared the Swedish and Norwegian Vikings. The only god forsaken place the Vikings dident want to go to was Finland. They feared the Finns. 

    The Finns where the last country to become Christian in europe. Everytime they sent a missionary here the Finns took em out. Untill they set enough army with the missionarys this continued. Even today there are lakes that are called “Repentment lakes” where you can wash away your batism. Since about 1250 the Finns did all the wars for the Swedish. When Russia finaly broke trough a line to the “real” Swedish ground, the Swedes gave Finland to Russia. The Russian Tsars respected the Finns highly. When the Russian politics went bad the Finns started a war for their independens. They won their Independens in that war with the help of the natzi German Ace fighter pilots. You can call me short and ugly Mohammed, but i will bleed and die for this ground and these people. As my ancestors have done, since the ice left this ground. You see, we dont run to the other end of the world when the crap hits the fan, we eat the crap and live on it if its all we get. 


  • Amerikkalainentytto

    Actually it’s relatively accurate, as far as stereotypes go.  I have gotten to know the culture and people quite well the past two years (I’m American).

  • Corksmoothie

    You sound like an Arian nation advocate.

  • Stevedivin

    Hey O – all I got to do is read your post to realize what and asshole you are.  Dude – I am a 50% Finn, 100% on my Father’s side and so is my wife.  I have studied Finland for quite a few years and without Finland, you would not even have the choice of posting this.  They are the most freedom loving country on the planet.  You are so ignorant that you don’t even understand the freedom of thoughts and rights brought the United States into being by one man.  There was a deadlock tie for the Declaration of Independance, a man named John Morton broke the deadlock vote.  His grandfather’s name was Martii Martinen, a Finn.  If he would have voted the other way, the United States of America would not exist.  Your arrogance is only exceeded by your ignorance.  We are the world with our diverse culture.  Go ahead and hate the United States of America and the Finns but let me tell you buddy, you weren’t be living where your at without the Finns in World War II.  The fact of the matter is, they took on the largest army in the world and the biggest bully on the block.  A country of almost 170 million against an army of 300,000.  They value their freedom and would rather die without it.  Today you are speaking your language solely because of the Finns.  When the Finns said no to a Russian take over of Finalnd, notice the only country in World War II that never fell to the Russians was Finland.  The Russians and the Germans had their pact to take over Europe and the Finns said no.  The world’s largest army said no it’s not happening.  The world’s largest, the biggest bully, got the crap kicked out of it and had to respect the Finns.  It was a hellish situation for the Finns because the slaughter was so lop sided.  The Finns had psycological damage because of the shear amount of people they had to kill.  All those poor Russians who followed their orders wound up dead, depending on the information that you read, it was a 10 to 1 kill ratio.  One of our local poice officers who wathced the video “Fire and Ice” , told me, after wathcing the movie, there’s one thing Ive learned, you don’t f**** with the Finns!  We very well may be speaking German or Russian if it weren’t for the 16 week Winter War when the Finnish army annialated the German army.  The most important part of this war, which the Finns won, was the fact that it broke the treaty between Russia and Germany, called the mulitof accord which was obviously where the phrase, malitof cocktail was born.  Now, Jokinen, grow up, your not a comedian and your vocabulary sucks but I won’t slip to the level of the words that you use.  Doing some study from my information that a USPA officer gave me, a site called, Cryaloud.com.  Read it and educate yourself.  The Finns are one of the lost Tribes of Israel.  You are going to get a real eye opener and you might find our who the Finns really are.  You might be proud to be a Finn.  Do your research dude and you will find  that Finland is one of the greatest countries on the planet.  If you want to argue my email address is Stevedivin@aol.com.  Grow up and learn about your country and you will proud to be a Finn.  As far as I am concerned, they saved the world in World War II and in World War I it was the only country to pay back it’s debt to the United States that was loaned to them in World War I.  Go ahead and keep knocking the Finns and I will consider you a Jackass!  Hope this helps you grow up and understand history.  You should be proud of your Finnish heritage.  As and American Finn, my wife and I are.  Have a good day and have a good night.  Steve Kauranen

  • Stevedivin

    Meant Russian army, not German.

  • Nappilam

    if you don’t know what your talking about as they say in finland keep your mouth shut I am of the finnish nationality and am proud of who i am we are a strong group of people who are proud but don’t have to show it off why because it is who we are and we don’t talk alot unless what we have to say is important unlike you

  • Nappilam

    I am also a finnish girl that is American and i can relate to the comments they also make me uncomfortable but mostly i just pretend i don’t hear them and keep it moving i also have never worn makeup and like you I am proud to be a Finn do your eyes change colors with your moods mine do they go from blue to green to gray i hope one day to go to finland


    I am Canadian who has had the privilege of lving with family in Joensuu, eastern Finland. Everywhere I went, the people seemed to have an undescribable sense of silent pride about them, almost always smiling, laughing and joking with friends and even strangers. 

    However, when I visited Sweden, I encountered quite a few rude people. And I also saw quite a few thick wool sweaters and other “Fashionn faux-pas”

    I’m guessing this was written by a Swede, judging by the seemingly biased P.O.V.

  • Tan Guy from California

    I’m a American from California (World’s Capital of Superficiallity) and I stayed in Helsinki for a weekend and I’ve never seen so many beutiful people in my life.  I thought the people in Finnland dressed better than people in California and carried themselves with a classy confidence.  In California, a good looking person usually knows they are good looking and uses it to thier advantage and manpilates other people for thier own gain.  That’s the why people in California are superficial and difficult to talk to.  I can see the Finnish people are very aproachable, but I was dissapointed to learn first hand that the finnish are quick to judge someone based on their race.  I am a male with black hair, brown eyes, dark eye brows, and a tan complexion (I live in California where the sun is out 300 days out of the year) and I found out I was being avoided because I looked turkish or middle eastern.  My ethnicity is French…lol.  Aparently, Turkish people are not kind to women in Finnland and are avoided by the Finnish people.  I’m not sure how true this is, but I felt it was tough to talk to a girl at a bar.  I wasn’t even hitting on them, I would ask them questions to know more about the culture and thier response were quick and always ended with, “I need to meet with my friends now.”  I was dissapointed because I absolutely love Helsinki. 

  • http://twitter.com/xlOogh0stoOlx Jason Nguyen

    sir, the finnish has a reputation of taking out a whole German battalion with just less than 10 soldiers. the best sniper in history is finnish. The sniper with highest kill is finnish. The Nazis feared the finnish so much that when they sail, they try to do so as far from the finnish coast as possible. Why? cuz the finns are tough as hell. Sweden fell, norway fell, but the finns survive. That kinda tells you something right?

  • Alter.mundista

    I have been living four years in Finland, and I can say, Not Truth.
    You are saying the self perception of finns. We finns…honest…straitforward..blablabla. I believe it when I just left the plane and arrived to Vantaa.
    There a huge complex of inferiority of finns toward sweds and English speakers natives.
    There is a collective spirit, of “we are not enough europeans”. All Russians are thieves” and “All Russian girls dress like…” That´s the world according finns.
    Still finns don´t have a way to be foreigner and to deal with foreigners. There is not an assertive way of finns to deal with Swedes, immediatly emmerge the inferiority complex.
    And with russians comes an attitude of “the russians are comming to steal”.
    There are many thigs in Finnish culture to be proud of(and is not your mediocre eductional system) but you Finns are not aware about it.

  • Diablo_Imperius

    Self-confidence? Swedes?  Fuck no!

    Most swedes are schizo-delirious mano-depressive shitheads. They claim that they love provoking others but at the first sign of conflict and retaliation, they run away and disappear. Swedes are gutless, cowards and total pretentious assholes. Always living in denial. All image but no essence, that’s what they are. And the women? Forget about having kids with them since they go out every weekend to suck different cocks each time. Beautiful yet Shitty…

    Now the Finns, I love them. They are friendly and genuine. They don’t act or pretend to be somebody else (Norwegians are also cool btw). Finnish women are much more hotter and sexier. And the way they sound like when they speak english is enough to melt your heart. 

    To hell with swedes! If I had a chance, I would slaughter them all or make them my slaves. FINLAND ROCKS!

  • kakku

    Swedish men dress and look extremely gay. that is because swedish men are gay

  • Guest

    The original comment talked about attractiveness and fashion when comparing Finns and Swedes.  It wasn’t a comment about Finnish culture.  Some of you are pretty defensive.  I don’t think the average Finn is particularly attractive, physically.  Especially when compared to other nationalities.  But the culture is great and I respect it. 

  • ralph mongelli

    now that something. my grandmother’s eyes did exactly like yours. When her mood change. and yes, she was finnish.   as for me, I am half Finn,  the other half is Italian. 
      Now where can I find a Finnish women?

  • sigh..

    i wasnt even sure  should i reply to your comment that HIGHLIGHTS how immature, selfish and overall mean person you are please go and get an education kid and please make a favour to community and grow up!!

  • hello

    all i can say is that u seem like a jealouse bitch and actually finland has the highest proportion of blondes in the world

  • HaukiFisher


  • Catalist15

     you are perfectly right. finnish are not true scandinavians by origin but finno-ugric. they moved to Scandinavia from Central Asia long long time ago. They are more related to hungarians by origins and language than other nations from that area.

  • Dhdn

    i love bubblegum

  • adrasl300

    Diablo_Imperius From being swedish I can tell you that the women mostly look average. Atleast were im from(linköping). And yeah we are pretty gutless. But we have never been in denial of it. We are afraid of conflict. But then again you know….individual diversity. And I just put on whatever. Flanell shirt a heavy jacket. Basically its meant to keep me warm.
    To judge an entire nationality like that is just idiocy. 

  • M

    I have been living in Finland for 6 years.What you describe is a self-image you have carried for too long, and you use the “deep values” as a factor of discrimination as if other cultures born centuries earlier would not have developed a system of values based on honesty. I would like to see what would happen with those values if the population would be 20 times the current one. In the crisis of 1920, Germans, well know for their love to values like order, honesty and hard work, viewed how that system of values succumbed as soon as there was no money around. I am highly educated, hard working and honest person, I consider myself as adventurous and curious about other cultures and I think I integrated very well in this society. I come from a matriarchal culture and it is not in north Europe, but I could not want to marry a Finnish woman. I will not enumerate my particular reasons for respect to them, but I would not choose a Finnish woman for marriage.

  • M

    Hmm, sorry for the bad English, I typed fast.

  • M

    “keep them pure” :D . That’s why their gene pool is totally a disaster.

  • nikkless

    im finnish myself and i dont want to marry a woman from my country. the women that i have met so far were all annoying and stuck up bitches who were full of themselves. i would like to marry someone who is exotic looking woman and is kind.

  • Astrid

    What background are you I’m just curious cause you said you are finnish but not finnish heritage? Anyways I can vouch for that, Sweden has a lot of issues culturally right now. They have taken the liberal aspects of society way to far to the point where men think it’s ok to treat women like shit I asked my Swedish male roommate and he literally said “Well if you want gender equality why should I open the door for women why should they get preferential treatment if we’re all equal” hahah they just don’t seem to understand there are still manners you should use when you treat women my god! Courting is virtually dead there, women have to do all of the work, plus economically socially and politically they have issues. Parallel societies have run a muck and a lot of Jews have left for Israel because Swedish police don’t exert any control over the anti semitism coming from the Muslim communities there. I also find Swedes in general to be nice, but this liberal politically correct stuff is actually quite misogynistic and suicidal. They have no pride in their identities anymore it’s really sad. I think Finland is actually a lot nicer I think the people there are very hospitable, but unlike Swedes they won’t let you take advantage of their Welfare state and they draw a line when needed.

  • Astrid

    “Swedish men dress and look extremely gay.” haha this is so true! They seduce themselves in the mirror a lot I caught all of my guy friends in Uppsala doing that constantly I was like can you just cut it out you are a man for christ’s sake. The Swedish men of the north are different though like in östersund, gällivare, luleå, jokkmokk etc because the climate is so harsh I bet you have to be a bit tough right? I enjoyed my time in Lapland so much more than Stockholm. Although in Lappi the people are Sami with a few Swedes so demographically it’s different, but really it’s better culturally. Sami people are so fascinating and extremely nice.

  • ramalov

    I have been living in Finland

  • ramalov

    For the past 10 years. When it comes to Finland and Finns the way a person with a black hair and brown eyes is concerned. Ohhh Lordy,,,,,what the hell is goin on. I noticed one thing (pardon me but may be I am wrong). I have been travelling in a bus, metro and traum etc for the past 10 years. In a local transport, I might find two kind of finns, The ones who are in there senses (Not Drunk), and the ones who are not in there senses (Drunk). Those who are in there senses will not sit just beside (left or right) and in front of you (no way 80 percent of them) just because you have got the black hair and brown eyes ( i donnu what goes on there mind when they see a man with black hair and brown eyes,,,i wish I cd know),,,well sitting behind you ,,,,no problem at all. Those other who are not in their senses mean drunks,,,,They will get on the means of tranport,,,,they will come through while looking left and right talking to emselves,,,,,but when they see you they will SIT RIGHT BESIDE YOUR ASSSS (there v go),,,,AND START LOOKING AT YOU LIKE A MORON. You will not be able to avoid , not be able to get up (kind stuck in a situation),,,and not be able to kick his ass because its his country and we know that and police case too (so no way).
    Conclusion. Most of the drunks,,,,,you (as a person with black hair and brown eyes) will aviod them at your absolute best but they will not avoid you. Most of them who are not drunk,,,,,,you wanna avoid them or NOT,,,,,,but they are gonna avoid you.
    I dont know perhaps i am wrong,,,,but i have discussed it with most of my mates who are not blond and are foreigners they have noticed it too.
    Dont try scandinavia especially Finland,,,,IF YOU HAVE GOT THE BLACK HAIR AND BROWN EYES.
    rest and peace to everybody who goes along or does not go along.

  • JK

    OK, I need to weigh in here. I dated a Finnish woman a few months ago. She was born and raised in Finland but has lived in the suburbs of NYC for the past 12-13 years. She is extremely manly, stubborn, and unforgiving. But what really bothers me is that she believes the Finnish way is the only way. She wanted to date according to Finnish rules, which I have no knowledge of. This doomed me from the start. Ummm…excuse me but when in Rome do as the Romans do. I told her the US is not Finland and to lighten up. Well, no way. Compounding the problem was her Finnish born and bred friend living in CT that is exactly like her. Then her sisters living in Finland that are just like her. My experience with this woman leads me to believe that all Finnish women are out of shape, manly, stubborn, unforgiving, and losers when it comes to relationships. They get drunk all the time and seem proud of it – even boasting about it on Facebook. Something else I find odd is that they all seem to have a severe case of homophobia. She and her friend and her sisters were always joking about gays. Is this true of Finns in general? Are they still living in the 20th century? So my impression of Finnish women is not favorable and I will never date a Finnish woman again.

  • Finnish and proud of it

    So true lol

  • finnish and proud of it

    Not natzi it was the ww 1 not 2

  • owfnwoejp

    You shouldn’t be talking about Finland and finns that way. You have lived here such a little time that you really don’t know. Have you even visited smaller towns? I come from smal village and I can relate to RFW comment. You only know as much as you have made an effort to know.

    “All Russians are thieves” and “All Russian girls dress like…” That´s the world according finns.” -that is really stereotypical of you! It just shows how little you know.

  • Maria

    What? For most of WWII Finland fought against the Soviet Union, Germans had no reason to fear Finns.

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