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TEHY strike off – nurses to get 22-28% raises within 4 years.

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Just hot off the press, the TEHY nursing strike has been called off. The mass-resignations would otherwise started today.

The agreement is until 2011 and promises 22-28 percent raises within the four years, 10% the first year in three increments. The agreement means 350 -650 euro raises according to the job grade, also including a special one-time “Christmas bonus” that is going to be paid in the beginning of December.

According to TEHY the agreement and the raises effect only TEHY-nurses and teh agreement is not a part of the communal tenured employee agreement. Which means TEHY now has separate union representatives and a separate seat in local negotiations.

A separate protocol was made stating the mass resignations to be null and void, the employees must report on duty in person by Wednesday at the latest.

As a result it is estimated that one in four counties must rise their tax percentage. The SDP chair Eero Heinäluoma (leader of the parliament opposition) demanded the Government to chip in to cover the costs.

*to be continued*

  • Arto

    s/Eino Heinäluoma/Eero Heinäluoma

    As for the news, it’s good to hear it’s over.

  • Dave the Mistranslator

    So Punter, still think unions don’t work?


  • T

    They deserve it. They save lives. They are heros.

  • Freeridin’ Franklin

    #2: Punter prefers the “modern and flexible” way: i.e. we tell the nurses how much we value their work, pat them on the shoulder and continue to pay them nothing.

  • Punter

    Absolutely I still say unions are no good. With a flexible system in force, something along the lines of Sweden, the nurses would have had their raise long ago. How the raise will effect the public health system will be an interesting one. As I said in the other post, once our taxes increase along with visiting charges for our supposedly free public health system we can all thank the unions. This was a political standover game and all I can say is the government showed itself to be weak and gutless but proved that in Finland, there really is no difference between right and left.

  • http://www.verosirkus.com Sirkuspelle

    Now maybe they will get some men to work as nurses. I have sometimes thought about it – a job involving a lot physical activity: walking around, pushing people in wheelchairs, lifting people, talking to people, etc. Might be a bit more healthy than sitting in front of a computer in a noisy open office all day long while trying to tune it all out with music in my headphones and actually get some work done.

  • winter “Yea, Proton Power, now in remission”

    gee, in a private system, they would all get a fat bonus, change jobs, and still get that pay.

    when will they learn. Scrap the Gov system.


  • http://www.axis-of-aevil.net/ hfb

    A 250 euro ‘Christmas Bonus’ that the state gets half of and a lousy couple hundred euro per month that, again, the state will get half of, is what these folks were going balls to the wall over? Woo..better not spend that all in one place folks.

    I’m glad it didn’t happen, but if the nurses get paid that horribly it makes you wonder what they actually spend that 1000 or so euro per month out of your paycheck every month they take for KELA.

  • Em

    22-28% increase. They stroke a good deal even though they will not get that much due to taxes…

  • http://www.finlandforthought.net Phil

    Bummer, I was kinda looking forward to the continued chaos (although God help me if I were in need of medical attention).

    They deserve it. They save lives. They are heros.

    We all deserve a nice raise. No doubt they save lives, but so do a lot of other professions: firefighters, police, doctors, people who work at power stations, people who work at the water plant, people who salt the roads, marketers at Nokia etc…

  • http://www.axis-of-aevil.net/ hfb

    Wow, it only took the government like, what, 6 hours to already start talking about raising taxes and cutting services to pay for that piddly pay hike?

  • Punter

    And Punter even less ;)

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