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Simpsons movie premiere tonight!

Tags: Uncategorized — Author: @ 7:00 pm

Going to The Simpsons movie premiere tonight!! As a longtime Simpsons fanatic, I’ve been anxiously waiting for this one for a long time. Anyone else going? Anyone out there actually NOT like The Simpsons?! BTW, good job Simpsons producers for releasing it globally on the same day (well, kinda), wish they’d do more of that.

BACK: It’s great, laughed my ass off the entire time, not just an “extended episode”, go see it!


  • http://takaisinkallioon.blogspot.com/ Takaisin Kallioon

    I was in the midnight screening at Tennispalatsi. The atmosphere was great and the people actually applauded during the movie. Lots of references to other movies and a healthy dose of political criticism. A must see for all the Simpsons fans. :)

    It was nice that most of the gags shown in the trailers were in the first ten minutes of the movie so you could just sit back and enjoy the show without knowing the punchlines already.

  • http://www.finlandforthought.net Phil

    Did you win those tickets from SubTV?

  • Mika

    Even my favourite news rag, the Economist has a story about them.


  • nigger

    since you asked, i don’t really like the simpsons. it’s too tame.

    south park is way better imo

  • ryan

    got any of that beer with the candy floatin in it?

  • Morthond

    I liked it, but think the episodes have gotten really bad over the years, sort of like they (ironically) tried to imitate Family Guy and it just hasn’t worked at all. All the characters have been squeezed down into one-dimension roles and it doesn’t make me laugh anymore.

  • spiderpig

    excellent film! I really laughed a lot

  • http://www.finlandforthought.net Phil

    I liked it, but think the episodes have gotten really bad over the years

    Yeah I totally agree, it’s faded but still great. Family Guy is now better than The Simpsons.

  • http://www.ovimagazine.com Asa

    I was also at the 2000 Tennispalatsi screening last night, but didn’t spot you Phil or know you’d be there.

    Good film, although I disagree that it doesn’t feel like an extended episode. Ovi review online today here: http://www.ovimagazine.com/art/1929

    I don’t think Takaisin Kallioon won any tickets. There were still seats available from Finnkino for the 0001 showing online the same day.

  • http://takaisinkallioon.blogspot.com/ Takaisin Kallioon

    That is correct, I bought the tickets just like everyone else. :) There were around 150 seats available two weeks before the screening and a few tickets even on the 26th.

    There was an invitations only screening on wednesday I think.

  • Porolainen

    Hm. I downloaded it and want my bandwidth back now :) But I’m more of a King of The Hill sort of guy.

  • Tommi

    I like the movie a lot! Itreminded me of what The Simpsons were “in the old days” with a REAL story, not just ugly “scene patchwork” that the episodes seem to be nowdays.

    Spiderpig… spiderpig…

  • http://www.finlandforthought.net Phil

    I was also at the 2000 Tennispalatsi screening last night, but didn’t spot you Phil or know you’d be there.

    I went to the Iso Omena theater.

  • Adelphi

    I haven’t liked the Simpsons all that much for the last ten years, if not more. The show had its peak in the first half of the ’90s, when it was far and away the best animated series (if not the best series) in television. After that it went steadily downhill. The last few seasons have been a pain to watch, whenever I’ve made a mistake of doing so. I can’t believe that there are so-called “Simpsons fanatics” who fervently deny all this and say, “No no no, you are completely wrong, the series is as good as ever, there has been no decline of quality whatsoever, it’s all in your imagination!!” All I can say is, watch any one of the truly GREAT episodes from the early ’90s and compare it with one of the episodes made recently (or with the movie). If you can’t see any difference, I can’t help you (as Mikko Ellilä would say).

  • Topias

    Great movie indeed. I’m kinda suprised that it was that good even after I had so huge expectation for it.

    “All the characters have been squeezed down into one-dimension roles and it doesn’t make me laugh anymore.”
    Couldnt have said it better. Its still OK, but it’s not enough anymore =)

    btw I did see it in Tennispalatsi

  • Cousin Patrick

    I saw it in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, and thought it was good, but not great. As such, I was a little disappointed. The film didn’t seem to ever capture that zaniness and subversiveness that the tv show can have. In addition, I was hoping that some of the classic secondary characters would have had a little more screen time. I was entertained, but not blown away…

  • Kai


    Do you live in Finland or NEbraska?

    that was a bit off the main comment, but just curious,….

    The movie…brilliant…and Simpsons imitating the Family Guy, the most one-dimensional comedy ever? haven’t you seen how Family Guy gets the jokes, with the manetees selecting random balls (it’s in South Park) of seemingly unrealted topics? Simpsons destroys Family Guy, and while it is tamer than South Park, it has a brilliance all its own…

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