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Immigration to Finland in 2005

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We’re taking over the country…

A record number of people have moved to Finland this year. In total, the population has increased by about 18,000 people, or 0.4 percent.

According to Statistics Finland, about 21,000 foreigners made Finland their home in 2005. This is 700 more than the previous year and more since Finland gained independence in 1917.

Meanwhile, the number of people moving away from Finland has decreased. Approximately 5,255,000 people currently live in Finland.

…I wonder what the Swedish-speakers would say if we English-speakers out numbered them in Finland?


Swedish buses

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Photo by OSKAR LUREN of AFTONBLADET via Helsingin Sanomat


Swedish speakers in Finland: “world’s most pampered minority”

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The New York Times praises the Swedish speaker’s status in Finland…

Finland even has quotas for Swedish speakers at the university level, despite the fact that Swedish speakers tend to be wealthier (in fact, Swedish speakers control many of the major industries) and healthier than Finnish speakers. For example, of the 230 law students at the University of Helsinki, at least 18 must be Swedish speakers.

On this point, at least, some Finnish speakers begin to grumble. While the idea of peeling back the rights of Swedish speakers is almost unthinkable, a growing number of Finns are beginning to complain about other parts of the language law.

Heikki Tala, the chairman of the Finnish Alliance, which is fighting to make Finnish the sole official language, characterizes the status quo as a vestige of a bygone era, when Finland was considered the country bumpkin of Scandinavia.

“There is still a feeling that Swedish speakers are the civilized ones and we are the peasants,” Mr. Tala said.

Hat tip to Johannes for the link!

Socialist intolerance vs. Liberal tolerance

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Socialists and statists want you to do things THEIR way, liberals want you to do things YOUR way. From the always intriguing Johnny Munkhammar

In a culture of consensus, like the one in Sweden, there is usually someone who turns up when people have a political or philosophical discussion and says: “Now, now, don′t fight, let him have his view and you can have yours and we can all be friends.” If I had had a euro for every time I have heard that when I have discussed something with a statist, collectivist or socialist – roughly the same thing – I could retire now.

But I don′t agree with it at all. Basically there is one major reason. As a classical liberal, my position is about letting anyone keep his or her view and lead his or her life. The problem is that the above socialist will never do the same back. He or she wants to force me into socialism with the might of the majority; that is the essence of his or her belief. And I cannot accept people feeling they have the right to impose their kind of society on me, since I would never do the same.

To be more precise: I would never deny anyone to lead a socialist life. If they are a minority or a majority in the country doesn′t matter. If they want to give up their posessions and income to collective decisions, that is fine. Let them! They can hace an organisation for that. It can be called the state. But they will always deny me the right to lead a life in freedom, where I keep my posessions and income. They feel they have the right to force me into their society.

So what happens when a discussion between a socialist and a classical liberal ends with both respecting the other′s views? It ends with socialism winning. Their view is not limited to them. That is why opposition must not end and consensus is wrong.

Retro Vixen of the Day

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Via Boing Boing – Check out more retro vixens on WinkyTiky

Quote of the Day – Left-wing females aren’t cute

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From one of my favorite writers, P.J. O’Rourke

“You see, the real reason I became a communist was to impress girls. Back then, all the pretty ones were revolutionaries. One of the things that’s gone wrong for the Left is that their girls just aren’t cute any more.”

Link and quote via Newmark’s Door

Chair of Swedish-speakers wants to reinstitute compulsory Swedish, Finnish into Finnish school system

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“If compulsory, it would mean that a pupil would fail to graduate from high school if she or he failed the language exam.”

Finns listen to more than 3 hours of radio a day -Survey

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“Some 79 per cent of Finns listen to the radio daily, the survey reveals.”

Presidential Campaign Posters Appear

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“The official election day for the first round of voting is Sunday, January 15th.”

Municipal Heating Costs to Rise

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“Some 20 power companies are planning to raise the price of municipal heating by up to 25 percent.”

Paedophilia Statute of Limitations Extended

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“The new law allows paedophilia cases to be prosecuted until the victim turns at least 28 years of age.”

More Power Cuts as Blackout-Plagued Year Closes

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“There have been an exceptional number of blackouts this year”

Consumers Bullish as Holiday Sales Begin

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“Consumer confidence is up while the industrial outlook is dim.”

Majority of Finns Would Vote Against EU Membership

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“49 percent would be against membership”


Survey: Americans upbeat about own future, not world’s

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Americans are always so full of optimism

While the survey, conducted by Quinnipiac University, did not ask respondents to explain their views, it found that 79 percent of Americans believe things will be better for them next year. But just over half _ 52 percent _ see the world facing greater troubles. Thirty-six percent expect more peace and 12 percent had no opinion.

[...]Sliced other ways, the survey showed respondents equally divided, or nearly so, in higher hopes personally for 2006: 79 percent of both men and women; 79 percent of whites and 78 percent of blacks; 85 percent of Republicans, 75 percent of Democrats and 80 percent of Independents.

As for global peace, 51 percent of men and 53 percent of women expected less, as did 51 percent of whites and 61 percent of blacks. Among political independents, 57 percent foresaw less peace, along with 55 percent of Democrats and 45 percent of Republicans.

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