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Radio Free Finland announces its first guest!!

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Radio Free Finland, my new weekly online radio show, announced its first guest. Here’s a hint: He’s a lawyer specializing in IT-law, he’s co-founder of EFFI (Electronic Frontier Finland), and he was recently threatened with an 80,000 euro lawsuit from fancy Helsinki restaurant

Visit the Radio Free Finland site for the details!! Tune in this Sunday night at 10pm (Finnish Time – 3pm EST) for the live interview, send in your questions to be read on the air, or if you have a microphone and Skype, you can chat live with our guest.

Depeche Mode in Finland

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As I mentioned a few weeks ago, my all-time favorite band, Depeche Mode, is coming to Finland!! The date has been set: Helsinki, at Hartwall Arena on the 6th of March 2006. Tickets will be available on the 7th of September at Lippupalvelu. They’re coming to Tallinn on March 16th, tickets are on sale now at: www.piletilevi.ee

Depeche Mode’s new album, “Playing the Angel”, comes out in October – they’re new single, “Precious” is available for sale online. Check it out, it’s fabulous, very early/mid 80′s DM. Can’t freakin’ wait to hear the whole album.

Hat Tip to Saku S. & Iltalehti for the info

Redefining racism?

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According to Helsingin Sanomat

Racist crimes refers to crimes whose victims are chosen on the basis of their ethnic, racial, religious, cultural, or national background.

Since when did racism include religion, cultural or national background? When a Finn tells a harmless joke involving a Swede, is it a racist joke? I think the word they’re looking for is “bigotry”.

Now I’m not saying that bigotry less severe than racism, or anything of the sort – I’m just afraid that we’re “dumbing down” the meaning of the word “racism” – Once Finns believe that it’s considered “racist” to tell (for instance) a joke involving a Swede, they’ll “poo-poo” (for lack of better words) the idea of real racist behavior they won’t take racism seriously because they believe racism encompasses so many different things. Know what I mean? (I’m having trouble explaining this…)

One in five Finnish teachers bullied by parents

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Finnish parents are bullying their kids’ teachers, although the teachers rarely complain about it…

Nearly one in five Finnish schoolteachers and one in three principals are targeted with bullying and mental violence by students’ parents. The primary level comprehensive school headmasters, in particular, are harassed. This was the finding of a survey conducted by the Opettaja (Teacher) magazine.

Now is ths really “bullying”…?

Bullying parents have threatened they would contact the board of education, the provincial administrative board, or the press.

If the teacher is doing something wrong, the board of education and others should know about it. Now if the teacher isn’t doing anything wrong, yet the parents still threaten this, if I were a teacher I’d say, “You’re right, the administration should know about this, let’s call them together right now and you can explain the situation.” Call the parents’ bluff.

Defense Forces Hit By Higher Fuel Costs

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Military’s budget for fuel is already 10 million euros in the red

Finnish rapper on Center Party ticket

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He claims the Center Party has best worked for the young and their concerns

Every fifth Finnish municipality considering raising taxation levels

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Pressure to increase the taxation levels is felt in 80-100 municipalities

Deficiencies in World Championships Athletes’ Village surprised volunteers

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Towels and toilet paper missing from athletes’ rooms

US Marines learn crisis management skills in Finland

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Finns teach “common sense” approach to American soldiers

Assault is the most common racist crime

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Foreign men are attacked and women are threatened

Helsinki shipyard to focus on assembling car ferries

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Aker Finnyards production to focus on Turku

Finns willing to pay for mobile TV viewing

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Media companies do not believe in viability of programmes tailored for handset TVs

One in five teachers bullied by parents

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Survey: Every third principal face mental cruelty

Storms frequent even in Nordic countries causing extensive damage

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Insurers looking at higher premiums for property insurance in previously “safe” location

Delays in implementation of medical treatment guarantee

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Shortage of doctors and money delays reduction of treatment queues

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