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Toilet paper whores

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Mass hysteria had hit Finland when the paper union began strikes last week. The word on the street is that Finland will be wiping its ass with dry leaves by the end of the month, so Finns have raided the stores of every toilet paper roll available. Now my local stores are all completely wiped out of toilet paper – it’s funny to see the mountain of 12-packs of beer at your disposal next to the empty shelves, I guess they figure you won’t need any toilet paper if you’re on an all-liquid diet.

So it got me wondering, what if the stores were allowed to bump the prices of toilet paper up by 10 fold for instance? I’m not sure how legal that would be in Finland (does anyone know?) but in the U.S. it would be illegal for stores to do this in times of crisis. When hurricane Something hit Florida last year, residents were forbidden to travel to Southern Florida and sell much needed equipment for higher-than-usual prices. So people went with out essential supplies.

So what if stores like Prisma were allowed to sell a 6-pack of toilet paper for like 20 euros instead of 3 – would it prevent people from hoarding all the TP, leaving nothing for the rest of us? Would people instead purchase only what they needed? Would stores rush toilet paper imports into Finland knowing they’d get alot a nice profit for it, but in doing so, would the mass amounts of imported toilet paper lower the prices? Assuming there are laws that restrict this in Finland, should they be laxed and allow stores to have the freedom to adjust the prices as they wish?

Finnish stores are wiped out of a toilet paper, shelves are empty. Picture taken by some crazy German guy named Andreas

  • Mikko Ellil?¤

    How could there be laws against grocery stores raising their prices? Such laws haven’t existed since WWII.

  • Tiedemies

    Mikko is right. There are no laws in Finland that regulate retail prices. Even for beer, there is some law that says you can’t give it for free, but other than that, I don’t think there are any.

  • Phil

    That’s good to hear. So why do you think stores haven’t raised the price of toilet paper? Are they afraid that their loyal customers would get pissed off and shop elsewhere? Or, is the toilet paper situation really not that bad yet. Some have said their stores are empty, I’ve heard others say there’s a whole mountain of TP clogging up the aisleways.

  • Tom

    I guess the situation is not really bad at all. Retailers already filed orders for imported toilet paper. By allowing the tabloids (and some blogs) to show photos of empty shelves they spurred the toilet paper mania intentionally. And as you know when people go shopping for something in particular, they tend to buy also other things spontaneously. It’s the same idea as in special sales with limited stock. You create scarcity of goods and hence stimulate a need for an extra visit to the shop.

  • http://anzisblog.blogspot.com Anzi

    I can’t help but be amused by this situation. All of these people, so afraid that they won’t have anything soft to wipe their asses with, running around supermarkets in hysteria.
    I can’t help but laugh. :-D

  • Phil

    By allowing the tabloids (and some blogs) to show photos of empty shelves

    Fucking bloggers!! :-D

  • Phil

    Who needs toilet paper anyways, why not use the three shells?

  • http://anzisblog.blogspot.com Anzi

    Newspaper. That’s what the old folks used. No shortage of that in Finland!

  • Tom

    Newspaper my ass, this is the 21st century! I’ll wipe my butt with a blog instead. :) It’s time to redefining the term ‘digital divide’.

  • http://anzisblog.blogspot.com Anzi

    Newspaper my ass

    My point exactly. :-D

  • Pete

    If shops decided not to buy imported toilet paper and people were actually forced to use newspaper (what an exciting, if unilikely thought) as TP, I would almost feel sorry for all those families who put a “Ei mainoksia, kiitos” (“No adverts, please”) sticker in their front door. For once, adverts wouldn’t be completely useless!

  • Richard

    Come on Phil, tell the truth! How many rolls have you got stashed?

  • Owen

    Usual free market solution – let the rich keep their hands clean, leave the poor with the crap.

  • Phil

    “Usual free market solution”

    Which free market solution are you talking about? Mine?

  • Hugo

    Blimey! I just saw this photo. Next time I come up from the UK, I’ll have to bring a 12 pack of Andrex Supersoft and flog ‘em behind the railway station.

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