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John Rogers speaks out!!

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A must read for anyone following the Finnish-American custody battle, John Rogers finally speaks out and tells his side of the story. Some excerpts from the article…

The doctors, admitted not knowing the background of the case or being experts on Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS). They would constantly make negative comments about me in front of the boys and yet tell the boys that they have a good mother. I asked how they could say that she is a good mother? Is her kidnapping them to Finland good? Is hiding them in the woods good? Is her alienation of the boys from me, their sister and brother, and all the rest of their family in the USA good?

I am the most recognizable American in Finland. My picture is in the media on an almost daily basis. Put Dick Cheney on the street here with me, he wouldn’t be recognized; I would be.

The Finnish press, Outi Koski and her relatives are often found stalking around the hospital grounds. Even though there is a court order that she is to have no contact with the boys while they are in Finland, somehow there is no prosecution for these attempts of hers to contact the boys from outside their windows. Outi Koski’s uncle, Markku Koski is the Vice Speaker of the Finnish Parliament. I guess political muscle does matter.

My sons are still being held as prisoners in the hospital. In six weeks time, they have only been outside once. I can actually see the atrophy of their muscles from inactivity.

So, in an attempt to use the Ëœrights of children’ as an issue to stymie their leaving Finland, the Finnish legal and judicial system has in fact violated other rights such as those regarding mental health treatment, freedom, and incarceration.

  • Mari

    when i read this letter of Mr.John Roger,I’m so very proud of him that he bring back his two sons in States.And his very braved to fight all the shit here in finland government.Good bye finland shit this whole story of the mother are all lies.And now shes in prison,i think she really need to learn what she did of his own two sons.

  • Jokke

    This case is interesting and I have read articles also from finnish media. This is typical case where two people are fighting. I can assure you that both John Roger and Outi Koski are equally telling big lies.

    Nobody is hero, there are only losers in this case, biggest losers are those poor boys who have these irresponsible, fighting parents.

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