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Government Presses for Long-Term Incomes Settlement

Tags: Uncategorized — Author: @ 10:02 am

Wants comprehensive and moderate agreement on wages, salaries and benefits

No Flood of Estonian Booze

Tags: Uncategorized — Author: @ 10:01 am

Finnish customs officials don’t keep records

A smaller European Commission would be more efficient, says Finnish EU savant in paper

Tags: Uncategorized — Author: @ 9:59 am

2009 earliest changes could be made

Finns’ real incomes rise at record pace -SF

Tags: Uncategorized — Author: @ 9:58 am

Faster than any time in the past eight years

Nokia wins USD 50 mln GSM network upgrade from Indonesia

Tags: Uncategorized — Author: @ 9:57 am

Second phase has begun

Social Democratic Party still most popular in Finland -survey on YLE

Tags: Uncategorized — Author: @ 9:56 am

Less than 1% change from last month

‘India must adopt Finland model, ban tobacco cultivation’

Tags: Uncategorized — Author: @ 9:53 am

In Finland, Parliament passed legislation wherein manufacturers of tobacco products become legally responsible for damages to health

Only one in two schoolchildren get adequate exercise

Tags: Uncategorized — Author: @ 9:51 am

Healthiest in northern Finland, unhealthiest in eastern Finland

Finnish teenagers drinking less, and taking more negative view of smoking

Tags: Uncategorized — Author: @ 9:46 am

Trend among young women going in the opposite direction

Anti-smoking rules in EU range from tight to lax

Tags: Uncategorized — Author: @ 9:42 am

Norway to ban smoking in all public places

Almost 40,000 died in Finnish civil war, more than believed: study

Tags: Uncategorized — Author: @ 9:40 am

10,000 more than previously believed

Finland gets low marks in business survey

Tags: Uncategorized — Author: @ 9:39 am

Large multinational companies see Finland as “uninteresting”


Lipponen Criticised for EU Election Comments

Tags: Uncategorized — Author: @ 10:49 am

Lipponen says SDP and National Coalition Parties only real alternatives for voters

Forest Operations in Russia Beyond Probe

Tags: Uncategorized — Author: @ 10:47 am

Imports of wood from Russia account for about one-fifth of the needs of Finland’s forest industry

Finnish Firms in a Rut

Tags: Uncategorized — Author: @ 10:46 am

Finland’s largest 500 companies have showed no growth turnover in 3 years

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